The In Beegins Now.

Published: April 17, 2011

It is an undebatable, all relatable fact that all endings have a beginning. Fame, Fortune, and Frenzy shall give way to Passion, Purpose and Pride as the West Coast Warriors of Hollywood welcome the Gulf South Soldiers of the Big Easy. Today is the beginning of what should be versus what can be.

What should be is we are just happy to be here. That Monty did a bang up job with what he had. That New Orleans is lucky to just have a team. That Belinili and Landry aren’t really starters. That Emeka will always be good but may never be great. What should be is that CP3 can’t assist without an assassin to pull a trigger.

What can Bee? Can CP3 commit more heists than Ocean and 10 buddies? Can Emeka work the paint like Picasso? Can Trevor have a happy homecoming? Can Bee’s D keep Kobe in check? Can Willie go for 30? Can Jack or Gray or Smith or DJ or Anderson or Ewing (YES EWING DAMMINT IT I BEELIEVE!!) give that buzz from the bench?  Can Emeka drain a 20fter with no time on clock?

Today is the beeginning of what the world will be declaring ‘shocking!’ and ‘unbelievable!’ Today is the beeginning of hardwork, hustle, & defense on a national stage. Today is the beeginning of “LA” Los Angeles, beeing eclipsed by “LA” Louisiana. Today is the beginning of Hollywood v. Nawlinwood. Today is the beeginning of what should be being replaced by what can Bee. 

The Lakers have their history, their A-List fans, superstar players and coaches. Let them have it. Let them have everything they have already done because that all it is: what they have done. Today marks the beginning of the end. End of their reign as champion, end of their basketball season. Today is where the ’10-’11 Lakers join their legacy as things that can only be talked about in the past tense.

The odds makers have declared the Buzz Boys to be longshots. Essentially, we are to flop, turn ourselves around and head make to our river home where our tears of despair can flow lout to sea. But, Nola is In. I’m In. Your In. We stand together ALL IN.

Today is the Beeginning of Our In. Of our collective will overcoming impressive odds on nothing more than utter determination to return purple and gold back to the dominion of trinkets and doubloons and place Creole Blue to its rightful place in the pantheon of basketball.

Bee Ready. Bee-lieve. I’M IN!!

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