Hornets247 Playoff Watch Party

With the playoffs about to kick off, Hornets247 is getting the old crew back together. We’ll be hosting a playoff watch party, and there will of course be free booze (this is New Orleans, after all). We’re opting for a new location uptown this time, but don’t be scared. This place has more room, more tables, more pizza, and more… doors.

Who: Anyone wearing Hornets gear and cheering for the Hornets against the Los Angeles Lakers.

What: A playoff watch party with FREE BEER and pizza specials for Hornets fans, hosted by Hornets247’s Joe Gerrity and 42 (who has a real name you can learn if you come). All you have to do is take 5 seconds to sign up for our site, and you get FREE BEER, and a chance to win FREE PLAYOFF TICKETS. We’ll have a computer on site, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t figure out how to click the link right now. Life is hard.

Where: The Doors Pizza. It’s located at 7537 Maple Street, New Orleans, LA 70118.

When: Party starts at 1pm. Game starts at 2:30.

Why: Because we love you and want to hang out oh so very badly!


  • If you are wearing Lakers gear and/or cheering for the Lakers, you will not have access to the free beer.
  • The Hornets drinking game rules will be posted and on display.
  • 18 to enter, 21 to drink. I feel like I’m legally required to say that.
  • Did I mention there is a Hornets playoff watch party event on Facebook? Invite your friends. Tell them you “like” it Hornets247 style.
  • There are rumors that the Bee-zanies will be in attendance in all their glory. I’m being told they won’t be dressing up too much, but you can. Don’t be shy.
  • Two Hornets representatives will be in attendance. Thanks, Hornets!

If the Hornets beat the Lakers 4-0, I will… (click this and answer)

42 responses to “Hornets247 Playoff Watch Party”

  1. Pizza tastes good….

    I’ll go tonight and let you know. I grew up in an italian community, so I’m a harsh critic. If the pizza ain’t square, it’s crap.

  2. I might make this, but more than likely ill go to the other watch party at La Caretta cuz its in Mandy right by me

    • Seantonio, I’m going to assume it’ll be worth the drive over.

      This could be the last watch party for a YEAR.

      Gotta think about it, dude.

      • Killing me man, its a Sunday lol…….aaaaah! I’ll talk to some my friends over here about it, see if i can get one of these clowns to drive.

    • Second on the anti-Laker rules. I’m thinking about offering a bounty for anyone caught selling tickets to a Lakers fan for games 3 and 4.

      Not anything physical. Maybe we could create a Facebook Wall of Shame page and post photos of anyone we see at Games 3 and 4 wearing Lakers gear. Then, send it out to everyones friends. You know somehow it’ll get to their friends as well. Shame, shame, shame, if you go to a Hornets playoff game in NO and cheer for the opponents.

      • If you cheer for the Lakers in this matchup and are a Louisiana native you are scum. And probably have some serious self confidence issues.

  3. I’ll see if I can make it out from Maurepas in Livingston to this watch party. Sounds like it will be fun. Hopefully I will have something positive to think about on the two hour drive back home.

  4. The hornets party sounds so totally un-pc. I love it!
    Alas, due to great distances (geographical, not cultural) I cannot attend (though I will be there in spirit lol). Cheer on the bugs versus the KOBEnistas!

    Tanti saluti a tutti ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. It’s going to be a short party. the Lakers win game one and 2. Then the get lazy and loose game 3. Phil lites a fire under them and the win 4 and 5. Lakers in 5.

    • Dang, 18 hours after the season ends, and you guys are on our site already?

      Cant wait until next season (whenever that may be) when that roster has to be dismantled due to a hard cap! It’ll be a happy day in NBA land for the majority of basketball fans. I won’t expect to see any banners going up in Staples for a long, long time. Unless, of course, the Clippers win one.

      Don’t believe me? How many championships have the 49ers won since the salary cap? And I’ll enjoy every minute of every Lakers fans misery.

    • I think this particular party was going to end after the first game is over. What the he’ll do you mean,”it’s going to be a short party.”

    • The word I was looking for tonight with the Kobe debacle in Sacramento was Hubris. Read some Greek Myths, son. It doesn’t work out well. Ever.

      • Yeah. Hurricane party. The end.

        Think the Lakers can stop a party when a storm the size of Ohio can’t?


        Come on, headshots, we’ve got room for one more.

    • Do they even know how to spell in LaLa Land? I could hardly understand it myself. “Phil lites”? Is this like a cigarette? Does he come in Menthol and 100’s as well?

      “Then the ___ get lazy”? Do you mean the team, the fans, or the coach? Please use complete sentences, not Left Coast Speak.

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