Moleskin Moments: Pels Win a Huge Game Against the Warriors

This was a classic tale of two halves for the New Orleans Pelicans (42-35) as they beat the Golden State Warriors (63-15) 103-100. The Pelicans started the game off being very much like a team that doesn’t make the playoffs, a team the Pelicans have looked like before. The Pelicans struggled mightily at the end of quarters, including ending the half allowing the Warriors to go on a 14-5 run. In the second half, the Pelicans opened the half on a 10-0 run (with Omer Asik scoring six of those points. Warriors center Andrew Bogut picked up his 4th foul, and the Pelicans outscored the Warriors 36-23. The Pelicans won a close game, with solid play in the last two minutes. It’s the kind of game the Pelicans have won this year, against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Dallas Mavericks, and now the Warriors. Huge win. Will definitely be looked at as a key late-season win if the Pelicans advance.


Before the game, a rumor started circulating around via some sources of ours that the Warriors were talking about tonight’s game as a “scrimmage”. That made it through to Ethan Straus of ESPN, who asked Dante Cunningham and Anthony Davis about it, both players deflected any effect that it had on the game, but did confirm that they had heard that. Don’t be surprised if this becomes a reoccurring subplot if these two teams meet in the playoffs.

Watch Party

Bourbon Street Shots will be hosting a Watch Party tomorrow at Tracey’s on 2604 Magazine Street. Come check out us writers as we watch the Pelicans take on the Memphis Grizzlies, that will surely be a beer-inducing roast beef po-boy ingesting time.


“Just kept shooting, no one shot is going to take me out of my game.”

-Davis on having a much better second half.

“Well it was a big win for us. It was a good opportunity for us to get better as a team. Playing against another high-level team and for us to move up in the standings.”

-Norris Cole on the win.

Warriors v. Pels 4/7/15


  • Warriors 33-4 when outrebounding opponents this season.
  • Warriors have only had fewer assists than their opponent 11 times this year. (4-7 in those games.)
  • Warriors have shot 49.3% from the field against the Pelicans this year. (40% from beyond the arc.)
  • #Thathastochangetonight
  • Pelicans have lost 10 straight games against the Warriors (dating back to 4/24/12 in Oakland.)
  • With a win tonight, the Pelicans will have their 1st winning season since 10-11 season. (Pels went 46-36 that year, making the playoffs)
  • Quincy Pondexter averaging 11.6 points per game on 48.5% from the field (53.1% from beyond the arc) over the last 12 games


  • Q-Pon with the first bucket of the game, a nice 3.
  • Some miscommunication and lazy passing by the Pels to start the game. 7-4 Warriors.
  • 7:59 Cole in for Evans at the 8:19 mark. Immediately draws a foul on Draymond Green, his second of the game.
  • So many unforced errors to start this game.
  • Davis and Andrew Bogut having a hell of a battle down in the post. Matched up with each other since Green has been out.
  • 3:50 Pels seeing some good ball movement. Gordon with the and-1.
  • Couple of really bad sequences to end the quarter. Pelicans down 27-19 after 1Q.


  • 5:04 Good defense but Q-Pon needs to get that steal or the Pels need to get that rebound, Thompson isn’t missing too many baseline threes.
  • Some switching issues with Q-Pon and Evans when the latter got stuck on a pick. Easy 2 for Barnes.
  • Mental lapses doing the Pelicans in, trailing 52-39.
  • Great play by Davis to steal and lead Q-Pon for the monster dunk. Q-Pon wanted the and-1.
  • As exciting as that play was, Curry let the air out of the balloon with a beautiful three. 55-43


  • Monster stop by the Pelicans. Great Defense by Q-Pon and Davis. 59-57 Warriors.
  • Pelicans score the first ten points of the half, six coming from Omer Asik.
  • Pels came out to play this half. Know there season is on the line.
  • Bogut picking up his fourth foul loses some of its meaning if Monty takes Asik out with him. (like he doesn’t want the advantage.)
  • Anderson holding on to the ball for too long one possession before passing it, then a million little fakes that don’t work before missing a contested mid-range jumper on a second possession. 72-67.
  • Beautiful drive and score by Evans, falls down, gets up and hustles back court, by to my befuddlement, tries to jump over Curry, who is standing still. 74-74
  • Pels are 34-5 when leading after 3. (79-78 Pels)


  • Why do we post Anderson on Andre Iguodala instead of Davis against Lee? I ask before Anderson banks in a shot. 83-78
  • 10:05 Big time players make big time plays, Davis with a beautiful And-1 against Lee. Lee can’t cover that man.
  • 6:06 Warriors playing like the big kids on a street ball court, that know they can win the game (after that Thompson fadeaway three.) Don’t matter though, Pels get the win, it’s a win.
  • 5:36 AD 7/8 shooting this half after going 2/10 in the first half.
  • 3:05 horrible execution after that timeout, resulting in a turnover and layup 95-92.
  • Gordon makes up for it by driving and kicking to Q-Pon for the three. 95-95.
  • Would like to see Davis get the ball more in the last two minutes. Go out with or player.
  • Great steal by Tyreke
  • Why Anderson, Why?
  • Too many things going on. AD must get the ball every possession though.
  • 1:12 up five, playoff teams win these kind of games. Let ‘em have it.
  • Pels have a foul to give. 15.5 seconds left. Up 101-100 after Reke makes one of two. GS ball.
  • YMCA with 15 seconds left was a weird choice (I may by hyperventilating.)
  • Great rebound by Anthony Davis, makes both free throws. 103-100. (Davis gets the double-double with that board.)

Huge win for the Pels. They now stand a half-game ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and hold the tiebreaker. While there are some tough games ahead, the Pelicans control their own destiny, as Dion Waiters said “We control our own destiny, they control their own destiny.”

7 responses to “Moleskin Moments: Pels Win a Huge Game Against the Warriors”

  1. I was unable to attend, but that game was a blast to watch…great start to the second half and glad AD decided to show up otherwise that becomes another W…that AD or even close to it wins us the game at Portland…nevertheless it looked like the SKC was rockin in the second half…love to hear some comments from those who attended as it must have seemed like a playoff atmosphere…also love to see a quick comparison of Pondexter pre-and-post Pelican…wasn’t he like 26% on his 3’s this year before getting here?  Got to be comfortable here and I guess Vinson is working with him as well…now if we can pull out the win in Memphis from TRACEY’S, I will really start getting excited about our chances…was thinking Pop will rest guys on last game but sadly it won’t matter…look at recent box scores, especially tonight and you’ll see all of their guys contributing now…going to have to earn all of them!

  2. Pelican Poster Definitely a playoff atmosphere. Even had some of the Warriors’ guys mentioning how the game had a playoff atmosphere. Pondexter definitely seemed to need a change of scenery, and has been playing great for us. The last 13 games now he has been lights out. Memphis would be huge, would give the Pelicans a full game lead on the Thunder (along with the tiebreaker, with each team having four games left. Would be a great position to be in.

  3. SKC was going crazy.  I had to taunt several children in my section who were all rooting for the Warriors.  It was a much more palatable situation than Lakers games though, where hordes of pathetic, adult trolls climb all over each other to smell Kobe’s jock.  Last night, most of the kids cheering for the Warriors were accompanied by a responsible Pelican adult.  I try not to be too hard on the kids.  I can remember growing up in Maine and rooting for Gretzky when the Kings would play against the Bruins.  I guess it’s just what kids do.
    I predicted the Pelicans would win, and they didn’t disappoint.  My biggest takeaway from the game, unfortunately though, was how shaky Anderson played.  He tried his best to throw that game away for the Pelicans with some terrible turnovers.  His (almost) turnover at the end that led to that crazy sequence where Tyreke had to dive for the ball in front of Iguodala could have easily cost us the game.  His defense was actually decent, but he’s playing REALLY tight right now.
    Timely shooting from Gordon, Tyreke being Tyreke, unusually agressive offense from Asik, and QPon continuing his bid for comeback player of the year. . . oh, and that guy Anthony Davis.

    OKC is crapping their pants right now.  I can’t wait for the weeping and gnashing of teeth in Bristol, CT when we shut the Thunder out of the playoffs and the gang at ESPN can’t masturbate about another Westbrook triple double anymore.

  4. nolahog Lot of stuff here. Definitely thought Tyreke, Gordon, Asik and Qpon all stepped up huge. Thought Cole did very good too, getting AD into the game with some lobs and playing good d. AD was a monster in the second half. 

    I think RyNo has had a rough year injury-wise, we’re going to have to fight through some growing pains. I think the learning experience here is to not lean on him that much as we work him back into it (and that may be for the rest of the year.) Was fine with him taking transition threes, but isolating him against Iggy or Green seems like a poor decision. 

    AD was a monster. 

    OKC had some hilarious quotes on controlling their own destiny, with Royce Young making the comment that the team may not know what that means. Put my personal favorite from Waiters in here, but there were others. A win against Memphis would be huge, and really put the clamps on them.

  5. Definitely a big win for the Pelicans.  Here’s to hoping the Pels take care of the Suns and that Pop rests his stars.  I appreciated your analysis and break-down of the game, since I was unable to see it.  Thanks.

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