Tonio’s Map to the NBA Championship

So I know yall are like me most of the time sitting there thinking who needs to win this game? who do we want to lose? what seed do we want? Well I think I have it figured it out. So here we go:

As stands-

The Mavs are at the 2 seed with: 56-25

The Lakers are at the 3 seed with: 55-25

And the Thunder are at the 4 seed with: 55-26

6,7,8 Blazers 47-33, Grizzlies 46-34, Hornets 46-35

Now the best case scenario for us is as follows:

The Lakers beat the Spurs tonight then the Kings Weds there by securing the 2 seed at 57-25. The Thunder then beats the bucks securing the 3 seed at 56-26 and pushing the Mavs to 4 if we beat the Mavs (because the thunder have the tie breaker (Division Winners)).

We then want the Grizzlies to beat the Trailblazers and Clippers putting them at 48-34. We need them to win both games because we hold the tie breaker. And then we need the Blazers to beat the Warriors. We then beat dallas as we sit at the 8th seed and dallas at the 4 seed.

Now the beauty of this is we play Spurs in the first round then the winner of the 4th and 5th seed in the second round  (Dallas or Denver). Both being a more attractive opponent than lakers or thunder. This then shooting us to the Western Conference finals where we pewn whoever that may be and then go on to getting our rings.

Scenario 2

Is attempting to play the Mavericks in the first round. Now this can be achieved by a couple different ways.

1.  (We are the 6th seed.) Lakers win atleast one more game and take the 2 seed. Mavs move to the 3 seed and the Thunder lose to the bucks and sit at 4. We then need the blazers to lose to the warriors and the grizzlies, and the grizzlies to beat the blazers but lose to the Clippers. We are then all tied at 47-35 and we have the tiebreaker over both and we take the 6th seed with a win over the Mavs. We then play mavs in the first round and play thunder or nuggets in the second.

2. (We are the 7th seed.) Lakers lose both games the Kings and the Spurs (lets go marcus!). The thunder lose to the bucks. Which has the Lakers stuck at 3 and the thunder stuck at four. The blazers must then win atleast 1 game (out of warriors and grizz) to put themselves at 48 wins and the 6th seed. The grizzlies then have to lose atleast 1 to either the Blazers or the the clippers. We then beat the Mavs move to the 7th seed with blazers at 6 and grizzlies at 8 and play the Mavs in the first round. Once again we play either the thunder or nuggets in second round.

I hope this all makes since because it does in my head 🙂 id rather die than proof read this i feel like my brain just exploded.

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  1. Thanks for all the work. Crazy scenarios. I read Michael’s post first and commented that my head exploded, but I agree that yours exploded first. I’m just glad we are in the damn playoffs, and I hope we can kick just a little bit of ass.

    • I hear that, I mean if we just wait 2 days we will all know whats up so these scenario things are pretty worthless. I just wanted to take a glimpse at what i felt were our best options, after i got done writing it i felt like i needed to go to sleep lol

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