The Hornet’s season in 5 statements

1. “Yay, we’re 11-1!!! We are a serious contender!! Look how good these bench guys are!! Monty is the greatest!!! We can play defense!!

2.  “Boo, we lost 3 of 12…. We’re not making the playoffs!!!!!! We overestimated our talent!! No way we can do damage with this lineup!! Why isn’t Monty playing him!!!!! We need new bench guys!! Ariza stinks!! We should have kept Collison!!! I’m nostalgic for losing 40 games and seeing guys score a lot!!

3. “Oh My God!!! Ten in a Row!!!!! We are soooo gonna win a playoff series!! Look how our team is meshing! West and Okafor can play D together!?! CP is getting his team to gel, he’ll wait till the playoffs to turn it on! We are 1 trade away from winning a playoff series.

4.  “Oh no!!! Okafor AND Ariza out!!! We’re losing…. we can’t play defense!! It’s okay, when they come back at full strength we’ll immediately be better than we were before!!”

5.  “The Hornets are terrible!!! This team has no talent!! Chris Paul quit on us!!! Chris Paul’s knee is gone for ever!! Chris Paul sucks!! I can’t believe we didn’t immediately become a championship squad with Landry’s first 2 games!!! There’s no way we will make the playoffs!!! Its over!!! Fire Monty!!! Trade Chris!!! AAAAAAAA!!

Okay, So I’m polarizing (a lot), and this was direct at no one in particular…. so please just take a step away from the situation and look at that. A bit rediculous, eh?


5 responses to “The Hornet’s season in 5 statements”

  1. I see what you did there. Be prepared to add a 6) in a few weeks: “OMGZZ we’ve won 14 of 16, we iz awesome! Finals here we come!!!1!!1!”

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