Push for a Championship, a wish list for the summer

Published: February 25, 2011

With a young core and budding superstars, a solid young coach and a great systematic style of basketball, the Hornets are on the upswing. Assuming we can stabilize the ownership situation and have the freedom to make moves, we should be players next year to sign some free agents and make a run at a championship.

Next year could be the last to appease Chris Paul, and if he is sincere in his thirst for winning, he won’t ever walk away on the Hornets if we’re close to winning a chip.

That being said, the hornets have a great balance of young players with significant playoff experience. This  is my wish list of good fits to help up make it over the hump. The players are restricted or unrestricted free agents next year (or have an opt out clause)

(In no particular Order)


1. Jamal Crawford
2. Caron Butler
3. JR Smith
4. Tayshaun Prince
5. Andrei Kerilenko
6. Sasha Vujacic
7. Jason Richardson
8. Leandro Barbosa (if he opts out)
9. Michel Pietrus
10. Marcus Thornton (lol)
11. Josh Howard


1. Glenn Davis
2. Tyson Chandler
3. Nene (if he opts out)
4. Troy Murphy
5. Deandre Jordan
6. Zach Randolph
7. Kendrick Perkins
8. Thaddeus Young (Restricted)
9. Samuel Dalembert



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