CP3 could lead the Hornets to the promise land.

Published: February 25, 2011

Let me start off by saying; I live in Atlanta, but I could careless about the Hawks. I’ve been a Hornets fan for 8 years now basically since they moved to New Orleans. Without a doubt mt favorite player in the league is CP3. His leadership and determination is what set him apart from the other pg’s in the nba. I’ve seen how he  made careers for Tyson Chandler, Emeka Okafor, etc… Maybe the Hornets aren’t consider “title” contenders by the experts, but I think this team has a legit shot to make it to the Western Conference Finals.

The only team that would give the Hornets serious matchup problems are of course the Los Angeles Lakers. Their size and Kobe as proven throughout the regular season has given the Hornets fits. I’m not afraid of OKC, SA, and DAL. The Hornets frontline can match up with those 3 teams. Who knows what can happen in the 1st rd maybe the lakers could be upset; which would leave the door wide open for CP3 and the Hornets to lead the Horners to the promise land.


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