New Orleans NBA Draft Through the Years… If You Could Start All Over

Published: February 16, 2011

If you could go all the way back starting 7 years ago in the 2004 draft wat picks wud u want to redo. What players wud you prefer over original picks?

2004 NBA Draft

2004 Draft 18th Pick: JR Smith – Pref. Pick: JR. Jr’s years as a Hornet werent great but werent terrible. In the postion we were in we didnt have many better players left on the board so this pick was cool to me

2004 45th Pick: Tim Pickett FSU – Pref. Pick: No one. All the guys left in the draft you probly havent even heard of like Pickett

2005 NBA Draft

2005 Draft 4th Pick: Chris Paul Wake Forest – Pref. Pick: CP3. Do I even need to explain why

2005 33rd Pick: Brandon Bass LSU – Pref. Pick: Brandon Bass. Bass was a very solid pick but jus never materialied into the player we wanted him to become into in New Orleans. If JR wasnt drafted a year earilier i wud have said i wanted Monta Ellis. Especially knowing JR wud be gon in two years, Cud u imagine Monta and CP3 backcourt today?

2006 NBA Draft

2006 Draft 12th Pick: Hilton Armstrong UConn – Pref. Pick: Hilton Armstrong. This draft was jus terrible in general. But we 3 picks 12, 15, 43. All wasted. Hate to say though i see why we drafted Hilton. We had no backup big at the time and hilton was really the only 6’10 on the board

2006 Draft 15th Pick: Cedric Simmons NCSt. – Pref. Pick: Rodney Carney. Wat the hell Hornets. Cedric Simmons!? Well i think carney could have been better than he has been plus an upgrade over Devin Brown at the time

2006 43rd Pick: Marcus Vinicius Brazil – Pref. Pick: Paul Millsap. Milsap wud have been a great pick here major steal for the Jazz

2007 NBA Draft

2007 Draft 13th Pick: Julian Wright KU – Pref. Pick: Nick Young. Young has grown into a dynamic scorer this year with the departure of Gil and Julian is in Toronto chillin

2007 43rd Pick: Adam Haluska Iowa St. – Pref. Pick: DJ Strawberry

2008 NBA Draft

2008 Draft 27th Pick: Darrell Arthur KU – Pref. Pick: Donte Green. Versatile and sharphooter

2009 NBA Draft

2009 Draft – Marcus & DC best picks other than CP3

2010 NBA Draft

2010 Draft (from OKC) 21st Pick: Craig Brackins Iowa St. – Pref. Pick: Terrico White

2010 26th Pick: Quincy Pondexter Washington – Pref. Pick: Quincy


  1. Hornet

    February 17, 2011 at 10:37 am

    2004 – 1st rounder: Kevin Martin 2nd Rounder: IDC
    2005 – same as we did
    2006 – 1st rounder: Thabo Sefolosha or Ronnie Brewer 1st rounder: Kyle Lowery 2nd rounder: Paul Millsap
    2007 – 1st rounder: JuJu 2nd rounder: Marc Gasol
    2008 – 1st rounder: Darrel Arthur
    2009 – 1st rounder: Dejuan Blair 2nd rounder: Marcus Thornton
    2010 – 1st rounders: Larry Sanders, Quincy Pondexter

    Final line up

    PG – Paul, Lowery
    SG – Martin, Sefo/Brewer, Thonrton
    SF – ?, JuJu, Quincy
    PF – West, Blair, Bass
    C – Okafor, Gasol

    Probably would try to trade Bass and Kevin Martin for a really good SF, maybe Iggy. IDK

  2. Mark

    February 17, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    The only legit ‘hindsight 20/20’ I have was Nick Young. I recall mock draft’s having us take Nick Young since we needed another scorer (primarily shooter), instead taking JuJu. Other than that, it’s somewhat unfair saying we knew, say, Paul Millsap’s capabilities at the time of draft.

  3. Stefan

    February 21, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    The NBA draft is why the Spurs have always been such a good team.

  4. storminspank

    March 9, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Adam Haluska graduated from Iowa, not Iowa State.

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