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Get well peom for Emeka Okafor

Published: February 4, 2011

So… Emeka, you’ve got an abdominal strain

Now, nobody seems to be guarding the lane.

Chris and the boys, need inside support

And the fans really want you to be on the court.

A Cardinal, A Huskie, A Bobcat and Hornet,

Three hundred-six games.. then injury.. “Darn-it!”

Your injury has left us soft in the center,

You’re the shot block, and put-back and rebound inventor!

Let’s face it, Mek, you’re not a ball handler..

But when you’re not injured, Who needs Tyson Chandler?

When you step up to the line, you can hear a pin drop

As the crowd sits and waits, to hear the net pop.

So, Get well soon, Oak. I’m sure each fan concurs,

Get back in the game..And BEAT THOSE DARN SPURS!


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