Get well Emeka and bounce back stronger!

Published: February 3, 2011

It is unfortunate that you were injured against the Phoenix Suns when the Hornets were making a big push in the West.  New Orleans will miss your interior presence in the paint. I always believed that you had it in you to be one of the better centers in the Western Conference and you have shown it with an All-Star caliber year.  We know it and your teammates and coaches know it.   

Career High FG%: 59%!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd in the NBA!

306 consecutive games?  That’s longer than Brett Favre’s old streak!

Guards get nothing easy when you are around the paint.  The result is normally a kick out to the perimeter, a blocked shot, or a contested layup attempt.  Great effort, Emeka!

No one plays better clutch defense in the 4th quarter and overtime with the game on the line than the Hornets.  I don’t care if the Celtics are ranked #1 right now.  We know who the real #1 Defense is and you are a huge part of that, arguably the largest part!   

But don’t worry Mek!  There are some hungry Hornets out there by the names of Jason Smith, David Anderson, and Aaron Gray (very hungry…just kidding!) that are stepping up their game in your absence.  Hey, I even saw Mbenga swish a 3 during pre-game warmups at the Wizards game!  Forget Peja! Bring out the Mbenga heads! The Spotlight is on them now and they are showing great effort on the floor!  CP3 and D-West can hold the fort down while you are healing, but there will be moments where we will miss your unique abilities.   

Also, you haven’t been severely injured for a long time so made sure that you take care of yourself.  Eat right, study film, and be the largest Hornets cheerleader for your team while you sit out!

Take good care of yourself, friend.
We’ll see the Okaforce Buzzing at the Hive soon again.

Keep Working on your Free Throws and bounce back stronger!




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