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CP3 talking to Melo about NOLA?

Published: September 30, 2010


“After the proposed four-team trade that would have Carmelo to New Jersey was deemed “dead,” Paul reportedly has been trying to convince the Nuggets’ All-Star forward into joining him in New Orleans.

The Hornets new GM Dell Demps, a front-office veteran of the Spurs, has remained tight-lipped about any plans, but such a deal would be plausible if they offer up David West, Marcus Thornton and Peja Stojakovic‘s $14.3 million expiring contract to the Nuggets. According‘s Marc Stein, a source close to the situation confirmed “that word has indeed been trasnmitted form Paul to Anthony that teaming up in the Bayou might be the solution for both of them.””

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  1. Buzz

    October 3, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    this is a terrible trade proposition, and if this is the only trade option, then its a no deal. Out biggest problem for the last couple of years has been salary-cap flexibility, and this trade would just pro-long those woes.

    one reason that justifies this trade though is to keep CP happy, but I can’t see this translating into more wins.

    I like the team we have this year, with one more addition to the roster, I can see this team being a little scary. And I like the youth policy instead of the overpaid veteran policy, the team may just find that missing piece and they’ll be cheap.

  2. Buzz

    October 3, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    *prolongs our salary cap woes assuming Melo resigns for a similar contract.

  3. DTD

    October 3, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    i think that if the hornets were to make this deal, it would be great thing for the franchise. Yes it would make Paul happy but imagine the attention it would get in New Orleans, would definitely bring more fans into the stadium. We will get a big contract, but we will get rid of Peja’s stupid contract (even though it is expiring one), West contract is also up at the end of this season and he definitely will be asking for more than he is on now, and Thornton is currently on his first rookie contract but will also be up for review in a year or 2. So why not sign Melo and in the process keep Paul happy and hopefully he signs a new contract with NOLA, we will definitely be contenders with Paul, Ariza, Melo, Smith (?), and Okafor as the starting 5.

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