Keep Calm and Carry On

Published: September 25, 2010

The mood around here has been edgy to say the least. Perhaps it is just anticipation for the season to start after a tumultuous offseason. However, the amount of wailing and moaning at the recent moves has left me puzzled.

Why is there an uproar over the Hornets adding a fourth or fifth guard? No one disputes that Willie Green is not a very productive player and will never be very productive. Just because Green is a known (poor) quality does not preclude the other options-Belinelli, Shakur, and Strawberry*- from being mediocre as well. All of the backup guards have serious question marks about their play. This move gives the team at least one veteran option in case the younger guys can’t cut it, while creating competition in camp for minutes. On top of that, I don’t think the Hornets will ask their third guard- whoever it may be- to play more than 15mpg.

As for the quality of these players, I can’t think of too many teams in the NBA that can boast a good third guard. I’ll start the list and feel free to add in the comments: San Antonio (Ginobilli, Hill, Parker), OKC (Durant- if you want to make him a sg-, Westbrook, Maynor, Harden), Portland (Roy, Miller, Bayless), Dallas (Beaubois, Terry, Kidd). One common thread- all those teams have at least one player still on a rookie contract. Drafting is where you find depth and the Hornets, prior to last year, either missed on or traded away their picks.

The Hornets were an absolute mess thanks to Bower. Old, expensive, and unimaginative. The team has been turned over greatly in just a short amount of time. Demps has lost Posey’s contract, added athleticism on the wing and in the frontcourt, and grabbed more expiring contracts in his short tenure.  This team isn’t winning a title this year, but that’s okay. Not every move can be a home-run, nor will every move be a success. But for the first time in a while there seems to be a plan in place for sustainable success. Relax, enjoy the steps the team is taking to improve, and get ready for the regular season.

*I left Pargo out because I see this signing as a move to keep Paul happy. He’s 31 and coming off knee surgery. If he gives the Hornets anything good on the court, then that is just gravy.

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