How Eric Dampier gets the Hornets a backup PG

Published: September 14, 2010

The initial grace period before the Charlotte Bobcats could waive Eric Dampier has passed and they seem to have decided to hold on to him in hopes of using him as a trading piece to bring in at most a PG and big and at least some nice draft picks , the rumor is though that the bobcats would like to ship Dampier off in a multi team deal packaging another player like DJ Augustin (new orleans native). 

Maybe a something like.

Hornets get D.J. Augustin / Bobcats get Andre Miller and Pryzbilla ( Hornets trade exceptions ) / Blazers get Dampier

The blazers one of the slowest offenses in the league so Dampier would feel right at home . 

If thats not a optimistic enough of an outlook , you could even sweeten theoretical deal for the Hornets by the Bobcats bringing in a 4th team, the Kings who might be developing somewhat of a big man lock jam .  That trade goes like this 

Hornets get D.J. Augustin and Jason Thompson / Bobcats get Andre Miller and the Vanilla Gorilla still with our exceptions / Blazers get Dampier / and the Kings could get trade exceptions or picks or if we are real lucky even Peja .

Both trades work out on the TRADE MACHINE, I know these figures might not be  perfect logistically but it’s an idea worth working out for the Hornets , with Augustin and Thompson making a combined 4.6 million next year , it’s an easy way to forget the whole Amundson thing…and the only having 11 actual players thing.

Lineup w/o Peja 






With both Thompson and Songalia getting minutes at the 4 and 5, you may be curious about the Morrison found at the end of the SF rotation , well with Peja gone and the Hornets only in need of the last players to round out the roster we add a proven winner… Adam ” The Conundrum” Morrison , I’ve been waiting all summer for somebody to give my man a shot , do you seriously  think Morrison can’t get buckets still? he’s got a scoring spirit, the ball will find the rim… but I digress 

How did all of this hit your ears internet ?



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