Feelin’ ‘Melo’

Published: August 17, 2010

As most of you know there’s a lot of speculation flying around that Melo is going to leave Denver no matter what so Denver is willing to trade him to get something back.  This to me sounds like a good chance to nab melo for some less than hes worth.  The only problem is that im not exactly sure what the hornets can offer Denver to pry melo away.  so far ive come up with only one trade that wouldnt take a huge chunk out of our team, but still a good sized one..

Peja + Marcus Thornton


Melo + Affolo


I hate the idea of parting ways with thornton but if it means nabbing melo i might be on board.  Denver would get a upcoming star with Thornton and a large expiring for next season while we would get a franchise player in melo and a solid starting 2 with affolo.  For the hornets FO to make this trade however theyd need to be assured that Melo wouldnt just leave next year.  



What do u guys think of this trade? would it be worth the tradeoff of losing Thornton?  Can u think of any other ways to get Melo?

Id love to hear input. thanks

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