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Published: August 11, 2010

The planets have alined and pieces are falling into place.  Demps and Sir Monty have done a fantastic job nabbing Ariza for essentially a worthless piece and an extra piece.  Ariza gives us a solid third scorer and starter at the 3 and he will fit in excellently with CP and DW.  But if u look at the roster youll notice that there are now three SF worth minutes…lets play a game where u pick out which one doesnt match:

 A) Pondexter

 B) Ariza

 C) Peja


And the one that doesnt fit is….C!!!!

Thats right Peja is now the odd dog out because he isnt athletic and doesnt play defense which doesnt fit into Sir Monty’s new theme. If i were the FO i would try to move Peja to a team that wants to make a splash next year in the FA and nab a solid big man for the rotation.

This Roster is really starting to form up and i think our starting 5 looks AWESOME

if we can move peja’s contract as ive said than this team could really contend in the west

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