The Bottom of the Barrel

Published: August 7, 2010

Well, it appears that is where we are in the free agent market.  Not that this is really news with seeing Rasual get signed, then Mason, now Bogans, but man if it isn’t a bit odd seeing who is at the bottom.  Allen Iverson, for good reason, but now he is joined by Tracy Mcgrady. 

With the signing of Bogans it was clear the Bulls are not looking for T-Mac’s services.  In a radio interview, Tom Thibodeau the Bulls head coach said, before the news of Bogans’ signing leaked to the press, that they were not ruling out signing Tracy as he looked good but said their desire to sign a proven shooter was their priority.  Well I guess that clears up where Tracy’s shortcomings are these days.  It sounds like his jumper is looking a little suspect, but he can still score.

So the other “good” player I see being shopped is Rudy Fernandez.  He finds himself adrift with the rest of the scraps because his team wants more than a first round pick for him.  Mind you this cat can play, only has a $1.2 million dollar salary, and is on a team that can use the tax relief.  Still a no go, as a first rounder and tax relief is not good enough to pry him from Portland…

With this turn of events I would love to see the Hornets offer Tracy a two year deal around the money Shaq recieved from Boston.  I mean, Hell we have Aaron Gray on the books for $1,000,000 per year.  I am not knocking Aaron, but how in the hell is Tracy Mcgrady not worth $1.5 to a team that could use a player that could provide depth at the 2 and 3.  Sadly, Rudy is not in our offering wheel-house as if they are turning down a 1st rounder for him, we don’t have anything to sweeten the pot except maybe a second rounder.

Oh well, things could always be worse…  We could have signed T-Mac to a 3 year $15 million deal early last month trying to placate Chris Paul’s anger at our inaction in the free agency class.  Time to just have faith. 

…That’s right, it is almost football season.  WE BELIEVE!!!

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