Marketing for/with dummies.

Published: August 5, 2010

The free agency summer of 2010 was headlined by Lebron James’ ridiculous decision show, where he announced his future destination. Right now, the media writes alot about Lebron and his staff of advisors, starring Maverick Carter, who has obviously initialized ‘The Decision’ as the CEO of a so-called marketing company LRMR. That group of Lebrons’ childhood friends was established to do marketing-business for James and is anxious to add other NBA players, like Chris Paul, to their upcoming list of clients. The ability to run a serious business like that, with a lot of money involved and being able to represent a public person like a professional NBA player or even a superstar is nothing you optain by just being around that guy since playing in an Akron-located sandbox. So the question arising here is: what qualifies those guys to succeed with their own business objectives? When you need advice on how to cut down trees in your garden, who are you going to ask for help? The college professor in theoretical mathematics or what? I don’t care whether those guys have a degree or not, but the recent events like ‘The Decision’ or ‘The Vegas Story’ make me think those guys are just not capable to meet their own requirements of running a company like that. It’s absurd to think that CP wants to join that bunch of self-named professionals, managers or just advisors. They are like blind people talking color. Keep away from Lebron and listen to your mom CP, she’s the only advisor you need! CPs’ mail address anyone?

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