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Carmelo: Would You Pull the Trigger?

Published: August 5, 2010

The talk floating around is that if Denver believes Carmelo will decide to test the free agent waters, they are going to push for a trade so they are not left in a Cleveland style position. They want back cap room, picks, and young pieces if possible.  The more of all the better, as it seems they are thinking rebuild under the new CBA vs. try and hodgepodge something together after losing their franchise player.

The question is will anyone be willing to do a sign and trade?  I can’t see a team willing to commit to a salary that will be way higher per year than what they can sign someone to after a new CBA.  But if they are I don’t really see this as an option as the only teams with the assets to trade and cap room to do so would be rebuilding also and Melo would not agree to go to those teams.  So will the Hornet’s or someone be willing to gamble and grab him in a trade knowing he can bolt in the offseason?  I think for the Hornet’s it is worth the gamble.  We can offer proven young talent in Darren, salary relief in the form of Peja, picks, and we have some trade exemptions that would allow us to take on some extra salary if need be in a 3 team trade.

The key is if CP is telling the front office that he has a good feeling Melo will stay if the Hornets grab him.  We don’t know how much Chris and Melo have talked about playing together.  It may have just been a passing fancy that really didn’t have any legs.  Or they could have talked extensively, both love the idea, but didn’t see a way.  Once they see a way, they jump because it is what they want.  If it is not so serious, and the front office is communicating with Chris he may even say it is not worth moving Darren as he doesn’t like the odds of keeping Melo.

Chris and Carmelo are friends.  I know my friends, and even if they didn’t tell me verbatim their plans, I would be able to say within good reason if one would be more inclined to stay or go.

My questions for everyone on here are, IF Melo is shopped would you want the Hornets to make a play at him?  (I sense a chorus of DUHHHHH’s)

If so where is your discomfort level?  Obviously Chris is not part of any deal, so with him out of the list who are you guys unwilling to see as a part of the deal?  What do you guys think is a realistic deal that Denver would take?  And who would you like to see moved in such a trade?

  • I am good with almost anyone being included except Marcus and Quincy.  Brackins and Quincy are up for review after we see what they are showing before the trade would take place, but something tells me that Q is going to be worth keeping off the table.  I feel like David West or Darren are an “either/or” as the main component for Melo, but I feel like David is option of last resort and requires Posey to go with him.  If that were the case, then at least we still have Darren to use as the reason someone would take Okafor off our hands if needed.

My trade:

  • Hornets give Darren, Peja, picks, and trade exemptions
  • Nuggets give Melo.

I picked Darren as my main component of the trade because I think having him come in as their PG gives the team the most flexibility during a rebuild.  Yes Denver has a PG in Ty Lawson.  Ty is good, but Darren is better.  So Denver gets not just cap space in the trade, but a starting PG in this trade, dominant backup PG in Ty, and one becomes a sweet trade chip in a year or two when they decide to cash it in.  Also with Darren they have someone that makes Denver less beholden to keeping Chauncy after this season.  His salary for 2011-2012 is set for $15 million non guaranteed, so dumping him or forcing a renegotiate is a huge boon for a rebuilding team.

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