A Crazy Thought

Published: August 5, 2010

The only way to keep Cp3 is to win, win early, win often, and win against the best. I have taken the approach to entertain all sorts of trade ideas, but the bottom line is we have a completely new staff, a completely new system, and a (knock on wood) healthy roster. This time last year, everyone on this site was talking about how far we’d go into the playoffs. Since then, we replaced Mo Pete, Rasual, Devin Brown, Sean Marks, and Hilton Armstrong for Collison, Thornton, Songalia(Exp), Brackins, Pondexter, and Gray. I’d call that significant improvement.

Everyone agreed that Byron Scott’s lack of system was our reason for failure, and Jeff (Effing) Bower’s system didn’t work very well either. Does that mean all our players suck or that neither coach knew how to maximize the talent we have? Does anyone else think guys like Peja, Posey, and Okafor didn’t really put in the 100% when they saw their head coach get fired (replaced by King Bowser), their star point guard go down, and the crazy ownership stuff? Did they really forget how to play, or did they just not want to take orders from a FO guy who never set foot on the court?? Bottom line is, if CP3 is CP3, the 2 sophomores improve on their rookie campaigns (or at least hold steady), Okafor plays like he did in Charlotte, D west plays like it’s a contract year, Peja and Posey Contribute like they did the year we lost to the nuggets (or, hopefully, better, but I am being realistic), the rookies find a way to be effective for 10-15/game, and Aaron gray plays good spot minutes at the backup C, we make the playoffs, easily. It simply amazes me how fast peoples’ minds can change.

Just to illustrate my point, compare the rosters:

2010-11 Roster                  2008-2009Roster

Craig Brackins                           Melvin Ely
Darren Collison                         Mike James
Aaron Gray                              Sean Marks
Emeka Okafor                          Tyson Chandler
Chris Paul                                Chris Paul
Quincy Pondexter                     Rasual Butler
James Posey                            James Posey
Darius Songaila                        Devin Brown
Peja Stojakovic                        Peja Stojakovic 
Marcus Thornton                     Morris Peterson
David West                             David West                                        
Julian Wright                           Julian Wright  
                                             Antonio Daniels
                                             Ryan Bowen
                                             Hilton Armstrong

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