Where’s the Action???

Published: August 3, 2010

Does anyone remember about two weeks ago when the entire NBA was flipping out over Chris Paul’s apparent trade demands? Well shortly after CP’s worries were put down during a meeting with the FO and everyone came out saying theyre happy with the direction of the franchise.  But what direction has this team moved since that meeting??? ill tell u right now, nowhere.

So when will the FO start making its moves that CP seemed so positive about? When CP finally say “im done waiting for Demps to make trades and i want out”?

It just seems to me that the FO must not be planning on doing anything this offseason because nothing has been done.  I kno CP cant be happy with that plan.

For all we know, during that meeting Demps said to Paul, “You have two years on ur contract and we rnt going to trade u to a good team, so suck it up while we make moves to win and dont drag this team down”  


Anyhow the point is that i dont see where this team is going and i would really like to know.  does anyone have any information on the FO’s plans???

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