Advice to All Hornets Fans

Published: July 24, 2010

In a few days the course of this franchise will change dramatically whether for better or for worse.  Our franchise player in Chris Paul has requested a trade and the will be in a meeting with the Hornets FO on Monday to decide the their future.  One of three thing will happen:

1) Chris Paul’s trade request is forreal and he is shipped out.

2) Paul wants out but just doesnt get it.

3) Paul used this to get the FO into action and some moves for talent are made.


Although i hope to god that of these three possibilities the third will happen, im here to write about the 1st.  It wasnt long ago that Free Agency opened up and LeBron rumors where flying around like the CP3 rumors are now.  LeBron controlled and contorted teams to his will making each team viable for his services make a presentation to him. He sorted through his options looking at each teams pros and cons and eventually made the decision to leave his beloved home town of Cleveland and join Wade and Bosh in Miami….and then do u remember wat happened?

Cleveland erupted.  fans started cursing LeBron and burning his Cleveland jerseys The fans cried out, “HOW COULD U ABANDON USE LEBRON?!”.  but to be honest, however, LeBron never abandoned Cleveland.  LeBron put Cleveland on the map. he played 7 long years in Cleveland pushing the team all the way to the playoffs. his ultimate goal however, was a title. he had the choice to either stay in Cleveland and get booted out of the mid-late playoffs each year or join forces in Miami to make one of the strongest NBA trio’s weve ever seen.  I kno which choice id make.  but the fans never looked at the whole picture and saw what LeBron did for them. All they saw was how he left Cleveland for wat seemed to be “the easy way out”.

So what i’m asking from all hornets, no matter what ur position is on the matters at hand, dont do as Cleveland fans did.  Chris Paul has done SO much for this organization that we should be nothing but grateful. He saved basketball in Louisiana and helped New Orleans claim their team after Hurricane Katrina.  hes given millions to help the city and he has been one of the best, no, THE BEST franchise player in the NBA in terms of representing his team.  We all understand that Chris has a burning desire to win and he shows it each night.  We must remember that Chris isnt requesting this trade to gain fame in NY or money in some other city, but simply to be put on a contending team.  Chris Paul wants to win, and we cant hate him for it.

No matter what happens in the following weeks we should all hope the best for Chris and his family. Not only that but we should all hope that he wins a championship in his career, whether with the hornets or not.  if he leaves remember not how he ended his career with the Hornets, but how he lived it as the savior of New Orleans and passionate leader on and off the court. Remember him as the beloved face of our franchise who made NOLA relevant.  


Good luck Chris.

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