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Would the real Chris Paul

Published: July 23, 2010

     Please stand up and be the beacon this city, state, and region need so badly. Let the light of your honor and courage help lead us out of the muck and debris we find ourselves in today. The people of this area need the example of strength of character that our sports heroes give us. We have been doubly blessed in recent years to have Drew Brees and Chris Paul, two men of remarkable moral fiber and leadership qualities, at the helms our local professional sports teams. Two finer men, we all thought, could not be found.

     Now we hear that one of our heroes wants to quit! That he can’t be assured of winning enough here, so he wants out. He’s ready to abandon his teammates, his fans, and his beloved adopted city to become a winner, a champion. What kind of winner would he be?

      This must be a lie! The Chris Pauls and Drew Brees of the world don’t operate like that. It would be like Davy Crockett leaving the Alamo in the dead of night to join Sana Ana. Say it aint so, Chris!

      So stand up and tell us there’s no truth whatsoever to any of this, that you would never leave us, never quit on the Hornets or New Orleans. Show us your unhappiness with these lies they are telling about you. Stand up and show us the real Chris Paul, the one we’ve always been so proud of!


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