Published: July 23, 2010

the last 48 hours have been nothing but stress for me. Between academic responsibilities and organizational duties, i login to 247 and ATH, and there i found at a rumor. A freaking rumor about our superstar. “CP3 wants out”

my only reaction was that “same old, same old”. I mean the last few months have been nothing but stress for us hornets fans. With the ownership change drama, and the coaching job dilemma, then the highly unpopular draft trade, the recent inactivity in the FA market and the recent firing of Bower, It’s been the most stressful time I have been as a Hornets fan(back when Baron had the drama shiz, i didn’t know he was faking it, i was just praying he could get healthy again.)

But you guys have been in this situation before!

Hurrican Katrina

I mean how gloomy can those times be?! and still through all the pains and water, YOU my fellow NOLA fans who are LIVING in NOLA, survived that destruction! You made the whole world see what New Orleans is all about! I’m sure many of you doubted whether you can survive that or not, but damn it, you got out of it through sheer resiliency and belief! Back then, all i asked was that people from NOLA would be okay, i didn’t know what to do.

I don’t know if some people will feel disrespected about this or feel a similar angst like with Wade, but i am making this journal to remind all of us that YOU are a strong community. NOLA is one hell of a place. I’ve never been to NOLA, but i can tell, NOLAns(people from New Orleans) are people who are resilient and have a strong sense of community. NOLA is a great place to be, and if free agents can’t see that, then i’m sorry, you’ve missed out on one of the greatest city of America.

So let the whole blogging world rebuke us, make fun of our team, your city. They may say your city cannot support an NBA team. but i tell them, to hell with you! You can damn well support a team, and embrace them whole heartedly.I’ve never lived in NOLA, but i know that if ever i move there, NOLAns would welcome me(shoutout to Joe!)..


I’m sorry if i’m rallying from an emotional standpoint. it can possibly be the alcohol i drank that’s causing this, but..




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