Things Are Becoming Increasingly Bizarre

Published: July 14, 2010

If the New Orleans Hornets are intentionally trying to throw off everyone who follows them, reports on them, or even knows about them, then I must say that they are doing one hell of a job. Who knows where this team is going? Up? Down? Left? Right? Into a fourth dimension, not comprehensible by the human mind? Probably the latter, but I must say that all this baloney is starting to make me scratch my head so much that I’m touching my brain.

Let’s look into the bizarre things that have been going on:

1. The Ownership topic- Who owns the team? More importantly, who is running it and making final decisions? Is it Chouest, Shinn, or a combination of both? At one point, the transfer was reported to be complete and to be announced at a later date, next thing we know, everyone is denying that it was completed and that now Chouest wants to bring in other out of state minority owners. WTF man. What is going on? Would such a tiny bit of information released to the public (whom you are starting to piss off) really hurt anything? Sure, the oil spill in the Gulf surely has some effect on this, but all we ask is for a simply status check on the process, and we get nothing. Thank the Times-Picayune for all of their excellent reporting (lots of sarcasm) and wonderful speculative writing (John DeShazier’s BS opinions about everything, again, lots of sarcasm). Enough with the ambiguity and give us a solid game plan of where in God’s name this organization is going!

2. The Jeff Bower topic- Holy sweet Jesus. Timing is everything right? Well if that’s the case, then the Hornets have missed the right time. Firing your general manager a week into the biggest free agency and off season in NBA history? Now that is a wild move. Apparently the FO didn’t like what Bower was doing and had already been planning it for 7-10 days. Then why didn’t they do it BEFORE free agency started? We could have found a new GM, picked up quality but not top tier free agents, potentially made some very nice trades to acquire more talent around CP3, and have happy Hornets fans. But noooooo, that would make way too much sense, and it irks me that Bower continued to look at mediocre role players and try to get them to this team. Was that his idea of getting the job done? Obviously he and Chris Paul were not on the same page at all, and for the good of the franchise he is gone.

3. The Roster- So, um, about Luther Head. Did he really fail a physical? Or was it just that he was a Bower guy recently signed, and be almost a waste of a roster spot. Will they ever acquire any talent this off season to make Chris happy? Please all I beg of you is to stop fooling around with no name guys, and do something drastic for impact players. Get this done and end all the games and worthless speculation about who will be on this team!

So that about sums it up so far. No one honestly knows what direction the team is going in, but one way to get it going in the right direction is to start off by hiring Kevin Pritchard to be GM. That is all for now, thank you for your time.

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