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Published: July 12, 2010

This is my first journal entry soooo deal with it! HA!  I have proposed a trade that I believe can take this team deep in the playoffs.  I am not great with the money aspect of trades/deals so if I can’t do it myself, why not have the ESPN Trade Machine do it for me:

BOOM! Wait scratch that just in case you can’t see it (and I hate when people post the trade machine and you can’t see it) the trade is Hedo Turkoglu and Marcus Banks for Darren Collison and Peja.  Of course I wouldn’t mind throwin in a 2nd rounder on top of that.  So as I said…BOOM!

Toronto acquires a young starting PG in DC and get an expiring in Peja who match up stat-wise with Turkey-glue.  Peja averaged 12.6 – Turkoglu averaged 11.3 last season.  Which is in some people’s eyes an uprgrade.  Not to mention Toronto gets rid of Hedo who wants out. (Insert 2nd round pick here if you’re following along at home) 

New Orleans acquires another back-up to CP in Banks who averaged 5.0 ppg and 1 asst. a game last season.  WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Before you get all Big Baby on me…

With the addition of Luther Head and/or Marcus Thornton I think either can can run with the second squad.  Though I’m not that confident in either.  Plus, all the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” jokes we can make at Carlton, I mean Marcus Banks.  We also get Turkoglu who as I said earlier avg 11.3 ppg.  Not great numbers, from a not great Raptors team last year but he has provin to be knock down shooter.  We also get a SF that can help spread the floor AND creates his own offense.  Hedo has the Veteran presence and can hit the shots when they count.  Turkey-glue may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think with CP3, he can really show shades of his old Magic self.  

The Suns are currently in talks in acquiring Hedo BUT why not us right?!?  Well you guys will probably tell me why not….

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