Bright Future for Hornets, I’m Serious

Well the day came that millions of people had been waiting for. Two years ago the sweepstakes began and teams started preparing to woo LeBron James to their team and their city. Not only LeBrizzle, but numerous other big time free agents signing max deals with these teams who have mainly fame and money to offer, rather than a good team. Teams have obviously overspent for nearly every free agent thus far, and I can’t say I’m surprised. One thing I am glad to say though is that we haven’t moved in on any of these guys.

Look at the future ramifications of these massive deals. The actual numbers would make me cringe. Joe Johnson at the end of that contract is not going to be pretty. Miami’s bill when those deals are in their last year will be so crazy that they may literally only have 3 players. Let’s estimate that in six years D-Wade, LeBrick, and Christopher Boshley each get paid about $25 million. That’s already over the current luxury tax threshold (which I can’t be sure if it will be significantly higher or lower by then). The city of Miami will probably file bankruptcy because they can’t pay the players of their team. That’s a bad deal, for what though? To win championships that don’t require effort? To seem like a totally unfair video gamer using cheat codes or trading the players to one team to beat an unsuspecting casual challenger? Miami screwed themselves and the NBA, and for that, they will be cursed. But enough about stupid teams throwing way to many millions out to players, let’s talk about the smart Hornets who are doing the exact opposite!

Look man, we got rookies! How many times could we say that and be excited all at once during the Scott era? -cricket chirps- Exactly. Bower and company are keeping it cool and are off to arguably the second best offseason (behind the Bucks of course) in the NBA. They’re not dishing out tons of dough to “talent” or “potential” or injury issues or even ball hogging, stat stuffing, attention whores. No, they’re surveying the field and making sure that the deals they make now, won’t whip them later and piss us off again like Posey and Peja are currently doing. Instead, the front office is collecting rookies and young players to build a solid nucleus of potential and talent. The draft day trade was stellar move both financially and for the team. Chris Paul lit a fire under some people’s behinds and (sadly) those people have taken note of LeBroomstick’s massive train wreck. In witnessing this culture changing wreck, it shows that we must take care of our star player, but he can not be handed the keys to the castle and do whatever his little heart desires. Bower is going to make sure that he gets good players in this offseason, whether they are brought in via trade or free agency, he’s going to get it done. He’s going to look to win now, AND in the future and not have to pay dearly for it (literally and metaphorically). I think that he is going to make sure that we can get Carmelo Anthony next year. That would be the icing on the cake. With all this talent, patience, and future cap space I would say that things are already getting pretty darn sweet for us, and for others, well things are going to get sour.

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