How the Hornets can become CHAMPIONS

Published: July 7, 2010

There has been lots of talk lately about the hornets future options with trades and cap flexibility.  A lot of ppl are expecting one of the following things if not both:

1)  Collison is traded for cap space/talent

2)  Hornets’ expiring contracts are traded for mid-lvl talent + cap space


Both of these moves seems to make sense to some, but unless a good deal comes along (and i mean a DAMN GOOD deal) both of these seem pointless. With the first option of trading Collison we shuld look at what were really trying to get. were already under the luxury tax so it doesnt seem like we need that.  Most would say it would be because Collison plays PG and so does CP3 and CP3 is AMAZING so we dont need DC.  i can see this argument to some extent but really it doesnt make sense.  we drafted DC because our backup PG were ABYSMAL. does anyone remember Antonio Daniels?  yea of course u do because those times were SCARY.  DC needs to stay with our team to sure up the pg position.  hes also useful to go with a small lineup where CP can move to the 2 and tear up defenses off the ball with movement and lights out shooting.  not only that but we dont kno how well CP will recover from surgery. he may not be 100% or comfortable with going 100% for 2 months into the season.  The only way i could see DC being traded is if we’re offered a deal that comes with some SERIOUS talent at the 3,4, or 5 AND and alright backup at PG.  also maybe the other team wuld need to take a bad contract such as Peja or Posey.  


As for the second possible move the front office would make, it just seems silly as far as Peja’s contract goes.  Peja can still give 20 points on occasion and hes still an ok shooter.  If hes only playing 20-25 min a game and if we just ducktape a splint to his back i think he could be very productive. So we may as well drag him around for one more season and free up 16 mil in cap space for next offseason.  why would we have waited all these years with his horrible contract just to trade it away in the final year for cap relief when its just around the bend? and trading it for talent seems no better because at best we could package peja with DC and get two Ok players. not only that but the players we would get back would have the same total salary and still have more years on theyre contracts. Personally i would much rather wait it out and try to snag melo.

Posey i can see trading because from what i watch of NOLA hes absolutely useless and with that beer/jumbalaya belly he had last season

i dont even think he shuld get playing time.  then again if we want melo we’ll have to keep his contract for the extra 6 mil it will free up.


So with all this said i believe the best move for the front office is to keep our main pieces and just move the pawns.  trading Songalia? great idea. sure he can shoot from 18 ft away but he sure as hell cant shoot from 4 ft away and his ability to play defense is about as good as Chris Anderson’s ability to not flap his arms whenever he goal tends (ALL THE TIME). so move songalia for cap space or watever.  after that the front office shuld use the cap space to sign a good free agent such as Jones from the pacers or Lee from the Nets.  both would sure up the 2 spot. we could also get Mahamii to give some cheap help on the front court….god knows Emeka needs it. 


Anyhow these are the things i think the front office shuld do to get the hornets in playoff contention this upcoming year and CHAMPIONSHIP contention the years after. 


Future Roster:

PG – CP3, DC

SG – Buckets, Jones/Lee

SF – Melo, Q-Pon

PF – West, Brackins

C – Emeka “O’Has-no-Hands” Okafor, Mahamii


We would still need some more size, strength, and oh yea, SKILL, at the starting C position, but maybe we could get someone. who knows?

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