Out of the Box Trades- Open to All Hornets Fans

Published: July 6, 2010

Okay, so we hear the same proposals from Hornets fans day after day- “Let’s move DC and Okafor for… or DC and West for Bosh. CP3 for… And on and on.

I  just want to throw some outside the box proposals out there and invite some of you to do the same. My trades will be based off of several premises:

1.) CP3 and West are essentially untouchable. Yes, we would move West for Bosh, but that isn’t happening. We won’t get value for either guy near what they are worth, so they ain’t goin’ nowhere.

2.) I am done with DC trade scenarios.

3.) To me there are two options: Rent this year (ie don’t acquire new pieces with multi year contracts at high prices ) or just go for it. There is no in between.

Trade #1- Darius Songalia and JuJu for Nazr Mohommad

Songalia is a Larry Brown type of player and Mohommad fills an immediate need at backup center. All players are on expiring contracts, so it is a one year deal for everyone. It opens up PT for Brackins and Pondexter and could allow us to re-sign Ike.

Trade #2- Peja and Songalia for Michael Redd

Again, all guys are expiring. Redd gives us a 2 guard for depth and opens up playing time for Pondexter. One year rental for both teams, but Milwaukee has no use for Redd with Delfino, Salmons, and CDR at the two. Peja gives them a floor spreader off the bench.

Trade #3 (the “go for it” trade)- Peja, Songalia, Aaron Gray and Posey for Rashard Lewis and Marcin Gortat

Trade is contingent on Orlando moving Peja to Toronto for Hedo. They unload Lewis’s monster salary and get Hedo back to play SF. Meanwhile we lose all flexibility for years to come but we give CP3 a roster that can win now. CP3, MT5, Lewis, West, and Okafor is a solid 5 plus you got DC, the 2 rooks, and Gortat off the bench. At worst, Lewis is 2007-08 Peja and Cp3 made him look great. At best, Lewis is Peja plus slightly better defense and the ability to put the ball on the ground. Compare that 9 man rotation to the 07-08 team that won 56 games- which is better?


Looking forward to your outsiide the box trades.

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