E.S.P.N.: CP3 open to trade

Published: June 24, 2010

So as hornets fans all of us have seen CP3 play over the past five years and its obvious the passion he plays with.  He trys to win every game no matter its significance.  His number one goal as a player isnt to make the money, but to win.  This is a great quality for a player to have, but it may hurt the hornets… 

As we know the ownership change from Shinn to Chauest is taking an extraordinary amount of time.  Chauest is a big bucks guy who will bring financial stability to the hornets, but he may not own the team in time.  Shinn has significantly less money and wants cap relief.  ESPN is reporting that as long as Shinn is owner and he isnt making trades to get the hornets quality players, CP3 would be fine with a trade with himself involved.  

O_o…. scary right…..

What ive been hearing from most hornets fans is this, “NO ONE in the hornets front office wants to trade or is willing to trade CP3.”  This may be true but we’re forgetting one thing, wat CP3 wants.  If Shinn remains owner and starts dumping skill (e.g. DC & DW) just for salary cap relief, CP3 may not want to be here next year.

To me it seems like its possible that CP3 may not be a hornet next year which no one wants. here are some things that will make him stay or go:


Bower makes magic moves to dump salary and get talent in return.

Hornets hit big with the 11th pick.

Chauest becomes owner and salary isnt a problem.

Talent stays, and is increased. 

Team remains about the same. (this plus the fact that he loves NOLA)



Shinn remains owner AND becomes desperate for financial relief.

Too good to be true offer comes along. (NOT LIKELY)

CP3 wants out because front office isnt working to win, but to cut luxury tax.



The probability is that he will stay, but if he goes we damn sure better get somthing in return.  lets pray this is all speculation tho and Chauest is owner by free agency when LeBron controls everything (he wants CP3 on his team)…

So there it is. tell me wat u think.

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