Making the Hornets a Contender

I realize this is 4 days late, but I was unable to login until now.

Serious: The Hornets have many interesting trade options.

     They should first trade James Posey to Denver for Chris Andersen and Renaldo Balkman with the idea of improving interior defense. Balkman may seem to be a throw in but has vital importance to the next trade.

     Now trade trade Balkman to Houston for Chase Budinger and Jermaine Taylor (who actually is a throw in).

    Sign Quinton Ross for depth at SF and as a defensive stopper a la Bruce Bowen

     Finally, trade David West and Morris Peterson for Chris Bosh straight up in a sign and trade.

This gives the Hornets a starting 5 of Paul, Thornton, Budinger, Bosh, and Okafor with Ross, Andersen, Collison, Songalia, Wright and Peja off the bench, plus 1 more fill-in.

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