A Positive Possibility Part #2

Published: May 5, 2010

After my journal last week on how it might be possible to get Chrish Bosh and Andre Iguodala I thought I would back it up with a small briefing of how the roster was to work. I also recieved a large number of comments over the last week that had other possible trade ideas. (Danny Granger and the Jarret Jack with Bosh idea i liked) I encourage this because i’m not writing from Jeff Bower’s point of view. I simply wanted to spark a discussion of big trade idea’s for the new season. So please if you have any ideas of your own, dont hesitate to make your thoughts heard.

And so heres the new lineup after acquiring Andre Iguodala, Chris Bosh, Pick #1 and Pick #2. (now free agent #1, my bad) The new salary point of view shows actual salaries continued on and some projected salaries I Have Made based on the 2009/10 season, I probably could base them on the projected salary for the new season but I’m just going to stick with what I got.



Player 2010/11 2011/12 2012/2013 2013/2014
Chris Bosh  $  17,149,243  $ 17,833,960  $ 18,694,800  
Chris Paul  $  14,940,152  $ 16,359,805  $ 17,779,457  
Andre Iguodala   $  12,345,250  $ 13,531,750  $ 14,718,250  $ 15,904,750
Emeka Okafor  $  11,540,375  $ 12,541,812  $ 13,543,250  $ 14,544,687
Morris Peterson  $     6,641,440      
James Posey  $     6,478,600  $   6,925,400    
Darius Songaila  $     4,818,400      
Julian Wright  $     2,858,056  $   3,952,693    
Ike Diogu  $        959,111  $   1,033,342    
Aaron Gray  $        855,189  $       884,881    
Marcus Thortan  $        762,195      
Draft Pick #1  $     1,716,700  $   1,845,400  $   1,974,200  
Free Agent #1  $        825,497  $       855,189    
Total  $  81,890,208  $ 75,764,232  $ 66,709,957  $ 30,449,437

*Self Projected Salaries based on 2009/10 season 

Roster  Briefing

A quick run through on the new team and about the players contracts.

Definite Roster Players

Chris Paul- CP3 what else is their to say his the face of this franchise and the man can certainly play ball so hopefully we can keep him healthy in 2010-11 (starting PG)

Marcus ‘Buckets’ Thornton- Best guard the hornets have seen in some time, explosive, cheap, consistent scorer and boy can this rookie put the ball in the net which he will certainly keep on doing in his sophomore season of the NBA.(sixth man G)

Emeka Okafor- Mek’s hasn’t had the best season in 09-10 but I believe he’ll get better and besides we’re stuck with him, at 6-10 he gives up some height so maybe some minute negotiations with Chris Bosh is needed. (starting C)

Aaron Gray- ICB is our biggest boy in a lot of ways and can be loyal and useful on a minimum salary, may have his off nights but still we need his height. (role player C)

Ike Diogu- Not a lot I can say about an injured Ike from experience but still great when healthy and on a minimum. (role player PF) 


Potential Trade Bait (at least one traded)

Morris Peterson- Old, inconsistent and expensive hopefully 2010-11 is the last season we see of him. (bench warmer SG/SF)

James Posey- I’d say his better than Morris but with another 2 seasons he’s ridiculously overpaid though on the rare occasion can put up some decent numbers.  (role player/bench warmer SF)

Julian Wright- annoyingly inconsistent, unmotivated player who doesn’t want to be in NOLA, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel just another 2 years. (bench warmer SF)

Darius Songaila- Probably the last man I want to see go on this list but some argue about his contract which I say isn’t terrible and it’s at least expiring, Songaila can have some nights where he can’t miss but his rebounding reactions confuse me. (role player PF)


New Recruits

Andre Iguodala- Probably one of my favorite non-hornets in the NBA which is still in the top 5 and I believe he is underappreciated in Philly, well rounded game offensively and defensively also plays the 2 and 3. (starting SG role player SF)

Chris Bosh- Instant upgrade from D-West in every way, past interviews suggest he wants to stay in Toronto but will quickly change his mind when realizes fellow draftees’ Melo, LeBron and D-Wade are all on playoff teams. (Starting PF)

Draft Pick #1- Whether we luck out in the lottery or with the pick itself hopefully we can land another efficient rookie SF who will hit a few three’s and have solid defensive abilities and can start for us.(Starting SF)

Free Agent #1- Someone is definately required to be the third guard on the team, now that could be Jarrett Jack if he was included in the trade for Chris Bosh or a person from the D-League whose willing to learn from Chris Paul.(role player PG)


Gary Chouest, The new owner of the New Orleans franchise will play a massive part in the build up of this new line up. Now whether of not he wants to be over the luxury tax by close to 12million in the first year he buys the team is anyone’s guess. I’d have to say it’s unlikely unless he was convinced that spending that kind of money would instantly create a winning team in contention for the championship.


Now my 82million projected salary would be about the maximum keeping in mind that one player worth at least $2,858,056 will be traded, and another 1 or 2 free agents should be signed at the minimum to bring the roster up to 13 or more. Plus you would have to allow for the million or so that could go either way with the salaries I’ve created. (I have realistically based them on maximums, minimums and so on from the 2009/10 season as well as reading through rules and regulations of the NBA salary to acquire the best possible knowledge.)


However this new team filled with CP,Bosh,Iggy,’Buckets’ would certainly get some attention and would see bigger crowds, merchandise sales. All that which makes the Lakers able to spend close to 20 million over the luxury tax every season.


But either way Gary will be facing a payment to the NBA in 2010/11 and even the year after that and wont be looking any better in 2012/13 with a 66million salary cap for just 5 players. Hopefully the luxury cap will be a bit closer to 75million by then. So yes that’s a bit of money  and when your only chance to use that much is on a 2K game, your views on the matter are really irrelevant but hey its a fans oppinion.


So as the biggest roster building part of the year comes around, 100’s of trade possibilities become well,… possible. And yes I would understand if these players aren’t your cup of tea. Their just players I have had the privilage to watch and enjoy and would like to watch them more if they were playing for the Hornets. But please I like hearing about different trade ideas that just might become a reality because with a new owner you can never be certain.


(In the comments section I also found myself writing a big section on another trade idea, tell me what you think)

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