Thornton Not ‘Just’ a Thunderous Player!!

Published: April 12, 2010

Here’s an incredible experience I think many of you would enjoy hearing.  Of course, as the creator of the ‘Thornton’s Thunder’ sign, that I hope many of you are familiar with’, we constantly marvel over the incredible things Marcus Thornton does game in and game out.  We followed him @ LSU, and felt sure that, if given the opportunity, he’d make his mark in the NBA, and boy did he!!  His talents, along with intensity, are unmatched, and it primarily this reason, that our entire section 120 has rallied alongside us as we continue to cheer in support of Marcus each and everytime he proves that he does belong amongst the very best in the NBA! 

So from where does Marcus come from?  Well, at the conclusion of the Minn. game (last home game of the ’09-’10 season), we decided to make our way over the bench to get another close glimpse of not just Marcus, but the entire team, who despite the many trials and tribulations, did fight a good fight (all in all) throughout this season.  Of course, there’s our guy…Marcus!  As he sits patiently awaiting his turn to go to center court to do his ‘end of season presentation’, we overheard another person whisper that Marcus’ mother was standing just a few persons away.  Surely we had to get her attention…why?…well, so we could share with her, how her son’s involvement this season has elevated our experience this season, and how excited we all are to see him grow with this Hornets team next season!!! 

Well, we made our way over and politely asked…”Are you Marcus’ mother?”  She politely answered yes with such pride!!  We went on to explain that we are season ticket holders and are Huge fans, along with our entire section.  We explained how we had the opportunity to speak with Marcus during our annual Casino Night, and how polite and humble Marcus seemed throughout the entire night!  We had to let her know how many times Marcus thanked us for our support, but not only us, but Marcus asked that we please share those thanks with our section, because it does not go unoticed.  He went on to say that he can clearly see our sign, and hears our cheers!  We know he does, simply because he recanted some of the many cheers we use throughout the game (particulary when the crowd gets quiet)!!  So we thanked Mrs. Thornton for raising what seems to be such a humble and respectful son!  We told her that we were indeed prowd to have Marcus here with us as he sets out on what we all pray will be an unforgettable journey in the NBA. 

About that time, Mrs. Thornton turned to us and asked, “Where do you guys sit”?, as she pointed to our Seciton 120.  Nodding our heads, we said…that’s right, over there in Section 120.  We asked if she’d ever seen the sign, ‘Thornton’s Thunder’?  Immediately, she left our group as if she’d suddenly gotten an emergency call!  What happened?  Where was she going?  Did we say or do something wrong??  We all seemed confused for just a second!  Mrs. Thornton quickly made her way over to her son, and we could hear her!  She began to yell out…”Marcus, Marcus…Thornton’s Thunder…They’re over here…they’re right here…you’ve gotta come see them, they’ve cheered for you all season long, you’ve just gotta come say hello!!!!!” Of course, he had a job to do, but he acknowledged his mother by saying that indeed he would just as soon as he finished his presentation.  She came back over to us, and began to thank us, on behalf of their entire family, for believing in Marcus and showing our support in such a positive and respectful manner!  She certainly appreciated our compliments, as she took the time to speak with each of us during this entire time.  Interestingly, it was easy to see where Marcus got those heartfelt eyes and humble manners, since it was evident that Mrs. Thornton displayed the exact same quality!  It was truly unforgettable!! 

As there was so much more to this story, I’ll end by saying that our experience, by this time, had certainly been fulfilled, but not for Mrs. Thornton.  She began to speak with the security personnel, as she orchestrated getting a special “Marcus Thornton Pass”, which allowed access to the postgame rendevous with the team, and of course Marcus.  She brought us to the back with her (and her youngest son, who by the way is currently playing bball @ Capital High, and who also acknowledged us all with a genuine thanks as well).  She kept us close to her as she made it her absolute priority to see to it that we have a moment with her son.  Certainly this was far more that we had ever expected, and as we thanked her so much, we explained that we would respectfully prefer to keep this moment, which is generally reserved for family and close friends of the players, just that…she generously went on to say that we are indeed family and that this was important to not only her and her family, but to Marcus as well!  She said, “I know my son, he’d want this, he’d definately want to do this”.  And so finally he did!  He showered, got dressed, and there he was.  He came out and greeted his family like we figured he would, and then he came over.  Mrs. Thornton couldn’s say enough as she brought him over to see us.  She continully said, “Look Marcus, look…there they are, these are “Thornton’s Thunder”, and look, they even got the big Marcus Head made…and they all have your jerseys”!  Marcus did as we knew Marcus probably would, he greeted us with hugs and thanks (that same geniune quality we saw months earlier) and signing our jerseys and things were certainly amazing, but more importantly, Marcus treated us LIKE FAMILY!  He didn’t rush whatsoever…even as the media tried to get his attention, for him, his mother and brother…this was the order of business tonight!  It was time to take time out to share something special with his fans. 

To all of you readers, we want you to know that Marcus did so much for all of us that night.  He gave us all something we wish we could share with each of you out there as we represented you as well, he shared a little piece of himself with us, alongside his family.  For that moment, we were as Mrs. Thornton had said, “indeed family”.  So as we all go forward in anticipation for next season, remember these words, “Marcus is not just a Thunderous Player”, but he’s proven that he, along with his family, are “Thunderous People” as well.  Thank you Mrs. Thornton and Marcus for taking the time to do what you clearly didn’t have to.  We appreciate all you have done…and it’s so great to see that your committment, intensity and dedication doesn’t just stop on the court…(Need we say anymore)?

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