Chris Paul’s Surgery Could have Long Term Effect.

Published: March 12, 2010

This comes from Bill Simmons post from a while ago, “The trade value list: No. 40 to No. 1” a quick excerpt:

Intrigued, I asked Will Carroll (the injury expert for Baseball Prospectus and Basketball Prospectus) for his thoughts. Will pointed me toward a piece he wrote about meniscus removal a few years ago. The key section: “One reason teams are so quick to allow this surgery is that the players come back so quickly, usually in a matter of weeks. But … surgeons don’t repair the meniscus in most cases; they just take it out, either in part or in whole depending on the size of the tearing. That leaves the athlete with no shock. Eventually, with the remaining meniscus overstressed and aging, they end up with the bones grinding together. Yes, that’s as bad as it sounds in a game of running and jumping.”

Now I am sure CP would have consulted his doctor about short and long term effects of this type of surgery. However my mind can’t help but wonder the contextual standpoint that Chris was in when it came to decision time.

The Hornets were 25-21 and right in the 8th spot in the western conference playoff race. I am sure that Chris truly wanted to get back as quick as possible in order to help the team towards the finish line. I know many people will think, “Hang on a second, Chris wouldn’t jeopardise his long term health for just one season!”

I wouldn’t be so sure. Chris is a driven man. He will do whatever it takes to win every single game and to be a contender every year. Despite what reality us Hornets fans know, Chris may now be thinking about the next 2-3 years and whether he truly believes he can bring a title to the Crescent City.

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