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Hornets Broadcast Drinking Game

Published: February 25, 2010

After watching the Bees get destroyed by simple jump hooks and one step moves in the paint all night against the Bucks, I thought to myself just how nice it would have been to be drunk.  I mean really smashed.  After hearing what my brain computed as the 400th pun from Gil and Bob tonight I thought, “man now there is a drinking game!”  So brought to you by what has to be the punniest broadcast team in all of television history (forgive my pun, I just couldn’t help it my brain is becoming trained): “The Hornets Broadcast Drinking Game.

Any standard pun:  1 Drink.  example: “He might go from Scott Skiles to Scott Scowls soon.”  —  The Gill Unit

Any pun that both Gil and Bob get involved in:  2 Drinks  example:  I cant remember one, but they do it all the time.  One makes a pun and then the other comes back with another one immediately.

The rare Double or Triple pun:  Down your drink.  example:  Treja Stojoko-swish

I think this will do the job of making bad games more entertaining and getting us all nice and smashed.  Enjoy and let me know how it works for you.  hehe

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