Forget the Benjamins, I’ll take the Jefferson

Published: February 18, 2010

Many nights after a Hornets game, I am left scratching my head at the play of David West.  I am either befuddled at how well he played and am asking myself why he does not show his all-star form more often.  Mostly though, I am always shaking my head at how bad he plays in all facets of his game.  Players just drive right at West and instead attempting a charge, West steps out the way and either gives up an easy layup or commits a foul. What West needs to understand is, he will not be taking 4 charges a game.  Take James Posey for example, he may take one charge every other game, but the opposing team knows that he is willing to attempt it and they drive and look to kick out.  West makes silly passes, does not dive for loose balls, and takes bad shots.  For a captain, his play most of the time is unexcusable and for some reason, he is viewed as a really underrated player.  Personally, I believe that CP3 makes him who he is, aka Tyson Chandler.  My proposal would be to trade West to Minnesota along with Diogu’s expiring contract and in return we will get Al Jefferson.  Jefferson is a 25 year old C/PF who, on knees that are about 80%, is having a remarkable year.  The Hornets would get younger, better defensively, and will be better rebounding.  We need bigs to bang the boards if we want to survive in the West.  Having Okafor and Jefferson down low, Peja, Thorton, and CP3 (when he returns) with an improved bench would be a formidable team.  My biggest fear of making this trade is not Jefferson’s knees, but is CP3’s feelings.  Hopefully he will see that trading his friend is in the best interest of the team and their fans. Who Dat!

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