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Published: February 17, 2010

When new orleans signed away James Posey fresh off his nba 7th manChampionship with the Boston celtics. They thought the were getting a legit 6th man. He was suppose to be the legitamte veteran swingman they needed.(Stojakovic anyone?) Year one with the hornets wasn’t impressive. Year two is dismal.He is playing half as good (5.7ppg) as his whopping career 9.0ppg scoring avg. With his 3 pt field goal percentage the lowest since his early memphis days. I ask in that 2008-2009 free agent class who would have been the better fit

-Roger Mason?
-Mickael Pietrus?

Both have done more for their perspective teams than Posey could dream of doing. But im sure there are playoff bound teams that would love to have this underachieving  “sixth man”. Good swingmen are hard to come by these days. Those Jamal Mashburn days seem so long ago…



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