Can T-Mac Solve the Hornets’ Problems?

Published: February 17, 2010
As a Hornets’ fan, this deal tortures me. As a realist, this deal makes a ton of sense.
New Orleans trades David West, James Posey, and Morris Peterson to Houston for Tracy McGrady.
Pro: Ridding themselves of the nearly $30m due to Posey and Peterson over the next three years will go a long way towards shaping the franchise’s future.
Con: Like a quote from my favorite scene in Old School, if you are reading this, you already know – trading David West is a last resort. Let’s not dwell on this.
Pro: West and all the goodness he brings. Plus, Posey could be the shutdown defender that team’s need come playoff time (against Kobe or ‘Melo, perhaps?)
The deal nets the Rockets much more than the deal being discussed with the Knicks. 
Con: All the salaries associated with the players being acquired.

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