Published: February 16, 2010

I watched DC play basketball for 4 years at UCLA. I saw most of his 130 games and have heard the story about his track athlete parents literally at least a hundred times. I saw him as the backup to a much superior Jordan Farmar in first year and then grow into a potential first rounder his second year. I saw him turn down the NBA draft to dominate his third year and turn down the NBA draft yet again for his fourth year. I saw my team’s best defender get run over by Memphis’ Derrick Rose like Lebron runs over everyone. DC slipped in the draft past many point guards, most of whom had played at most 2 years of college, because they were bigger and more athletic. When he was at UCLA, you could tell he would be good. Ben Howland’s system didn’t allow for great individual performances, but DC was always solid. There were times when he settled and wouldn’t do enough. I don’t know the numbers, but the man shot close to 50% 3s and 90% FTs his last few seasons. I remember wondering how anyone could make shots with that motion. Then I began wondering why he wasn’t scoring 25 points a game. He can dribble wherever he wants to go. He has amazing handles, and his eyes are always scanning for passing opportunities. This all goes to show that you know what you’re going to get from some guys. Given the time, you knew DC would score and dish out assists. It was obvious that Dajuan Blair and Kevin Love were going to be rebounding machines. It was clear no one was going to stop Stephen Curry from shooting or Ty Lawson from dribbling circles around everyone. At what point do you deviate from the sure thing in the draft. Sure the Derrick Roses and Tyreke Evans of the NBA will make SportsCenter every night, but will they lead a balanced team through the playoffs? Most deep playoff teams are made from individual pieces who are good at their respective trades. I argue that although the Hornets may not be poised to make a big run this year (with or without CP3), DC is a true floor general that one can build a strong team around. Given the nature of the franchise it may not happen, but DC is a born leader and I have great expectations.

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