Chris Paul A.K.A. CP3

Published: February 16, 2010

           He was a 2-time all-American and an academic all-American at wake forest, he was selected 4th overall by the New Orleans Hornets in the 2005 NBA draft, he won the NBA’s community assist award for his charitable initiatives, he won gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games,he leads the league in steals, he is a 6’00” 175lb basketball beast. This man, is Chris Paul.

               His basketball career began at an age of three when his dad bought a pair of fisher-price basketball ball hoops and some red tape and put them in their basement to have a mini basketball court.He grew up as a small kid, and everyone said that he couldn’t play basketball but when he tried out for his middle school team, he made it!His basketball career skyrocketed from there, playing for his high school team and when the end of his senior career he signed with wake forest. the night before his last high school game his grandfather(probably the closest person to Chris) was killed. Chris was devastated. While in the car driving to his last game in high school he asked his aunt “what can I do to honor my grandpa?”, she replied”score how many points as he was old, 61″, Chris thought she had lost her mind!but Chris loved is grandpa and wanted to honor him so he lighted up the first half with 32 points, and when the end of the second half came, he had 58 pts, on the drive that he got it , he made the lay up and drew the foul. while he was on the line, I can just imagine the feeling he had when he saw that basketball swish in the net and he had done it, he had scored 61 points to honor his grandfather.

                    Chris Paul is phenomenal on and off the court, and I know that a lot of NBA superstars are called “good on and off the court”, but Chris is truly a great person off the court, and we all know that he’s good on the court. he won the NBA’s community assist award for his charitable events, the CP3 foundation, the Winston-Salem weekend, and many, many more special events.

                 So he’s a man of many types, on the court and off, an NBA all-star, a community celebrity to the kids he helps, and a man of many other talents.So after reading this I wish that you now know the true and soft hearted side of the superstar, Chris Paul.



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