Why I am a Hornets Fan…

Published: February 13, 2010

Fairy Tales… we all loved them when we were younger, and most of us still love them today. Remember what you felt like when Pinocchio transformed into a real boy?, or when Prince Charming’s kiss brought Snow White back to life? The 2007-2008 New Orleans Hornets had a similar story. After Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans in shambles, many people had no hopeful future. Although the Saints provided these people with inspiration by resurrecting their franchise, the Hornets equally resurrected themselves whilst inspiring people.

Basketball was my first love. At the age of 10, I moved from India to Canada. I didn’t start playing basketball until grade five.  I couldn’t watch basketball for many years because my family struggled to afford basic cable. When I finally did get access to cable (around 06-07 season), I could only watch nationally televised games (usually featuring the Lakers, Pistons, or Spurs), or Raptors games. With the exception of the Raptors, I could have easily become a fan of those “goliath” teams. But I didn’t. I couldn’t connect to those teams…their successes never influenced actions in my life. Then came the 2007-2008 Hornets.

That magical season was so much more than inspiration to the people of New Orleans, but it inspired people outside of that city, and even that nation. It made me realize that if about a dozen people could inspire me through their play, surely I could inspire people through something I specialize in as well. I volunteered at a nearby Salvation Army Center of Hope. I would work with homeless people for several hours a day. That was also the first year I made my school basketball team. I played point guard (guess what number?).  The number 3 was more than a number to me. It symbolized hope. Every time I would don my #3 jersey, I felt like I was more than a 16 year old point guard. Although I couldn’t average 20-10 on a nightly basis, shoot smooth 17 footers, or go up for earth quaking alley-oops, I knew deep down that I had made a difference in my community. It can be clearly seen why I became a loyal hornets fan. Fairy tales can inspire you, like the Hornets inspired me, but their fairy tale isn’t complete yet. It is only a matter of time before the Hornet’s story gets a “happily ever after” ending.

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