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The mystery behind Peja

Published: February 13, 2010

Many of you are wondering how and why peja plays so differently without
chris paul and i’m gonna try to shed some light into the discussion for
my journal entry.

With CP in the game Peja just sits back there
is no motivation he’s maybe the 3rd through 5th scoring option so he just
gets to his spot and waits for the play to be run and helps keep his
man from helping on D. You’ll notice plays run for him every once in a
while but it’s nothing to keep him going through 20-35 minutes a game. Sometimes you even see him force up long three’s just because he feels the need to shoot.

problem is with CP on the floor Peja becomes shy and just sits back. He
doesn’t take charge even though he knows how to. Allowing CP to do
everything for the past couple of seasons now it’s become a habit with
him and he feels that it’s what he is supposed to be doing.With CP out you see him becoming more vocal and showing why he’s still playing in the NBA.

These last two games against the Celtics and Magic have shown most of us that have forgotten that Peja is still a good scoring option and why we signed him to a ridiculous contract. he’s no where worth what he’s being paid but he’s important to this team with and without chris paul just because teams fear to leave him alone on that 3-point line.

I liked the idea of him being in the 2nd unit when i first heard about it at the beginning of the season and am very disappointed it didn’t work out. I don’t think he should get much playing time with CP  and this would make him work harder and hopefully perform better

well hope you had fun reading my two cents worth 🙂

good luck everyone

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