Post-Game Journal Report: Game 33: Hornets @ Thunder

Hornets remain undefeated in OKC since facing the Thunder and it was another W that came down to the wire. Hornets are now over 500 and are 17-16.

Game 33: Hornets 97 @ Thunder 92

–All starters were in double figures…CP had 14 points and 13 assists; Devin had 11; West had 19 points and 8 rebounds; Emeka had 15 points and 8 rebounds; Peja had 12 (all three-pointers).

–Bench was solid: Posey had 9; Songalia had 8; Thornton had 5; Collison had 4

–The team looked really great tonight and looked in sync the whole game to bring their win streak to 4, the most in a row this season. Hopefully they can keep it up on Friday when the Nets come to the Hive for a very winnable game against a 3-32 team.

-Mr. Kennedy

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