Post-Game Journal Report: Game 28: Hornets @ Bulls

Published: December 27, 2009

Disgusting…that’s all that I have to say about this. A friend told me shortly after the loss to just stop watching them since they don’t care to play the game so we (us fans) shouldn’t care to watch them. And I’m leaning that way too. I hate to admit it but the Hornets need to make another move to get a swingman or a shooter in here…or Paul will get fed up. Just my thought.

Game 28: Hornets 85 @ Bulls 96

–Hornets had a good lead in the second quarter led by Devin (more on him later) but the Hornets let the Bulls crawl back by halftime. And then it just stunk in the third quarter…9 points total in the third. Third quarter shooting sucked…period. That’s the only way to describe it.

–Devin Brown was on point in the first half, 22 points, making 6-6 from three. But taking only 2 shots in the second quarter and going scoreless.

–CP had 15 points and 7 assists…Peja had 8…West had 12…Emeka struggled tonight with 4 points (0-5 FG) and 9 boards; just couldn’t handle Noah and got into early foul trouble.

–Hornets couldn’t handle Tyrus Thomas either…in his first game back from injury, 21 points and 9 boards

–Joakim Noah had 17 points and 18 boards and just overpowered Emeka tonight…

–Just like Toronto, another puzzling move from Bower…Hornets make a late run in the fourth with around 2 minutes to go to get the deficit to 9 and Paul, Emeka, Peja, and West are not even on the court. Bower goes with the rookies, Posey, Songalia, and Devin to make a comeback. Excuse me Bower…the starters are supposed to be on the damn court in crunchtime. What were you thinking???? The bottom line, the Hornets should have won this game and the third quarter stunk them up. The shooting sucked tonight…bottom line.

–Hornets @ Rockets on Tuesday @ 7:30 on CST

-Mr. Kennedy

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