Post-Game Journal Report: Game 27: Warriors @ Hornets

Hornets get a nice W at home against the Warriors. I was at the game and I have to say I got scared after the 3 missed free throws from Paul but Paul made it up by draining a jumper to seal the win at the hive. Hornets are now 13-14…1 win away from 500

Game 27: Warriors 102 @ Hornets 108

–First quarter was huge for Emeka, around 8 points. Unfortunately, the first quarter was huge for Monta Ellis, scoring 12 points in the first…

–All starters in double figures and decent numbers from the bench…Wright, Brown, and Songalia had 8 points

–Still don’t understand why Emeka only played 22 minutes because there was no foul trouble but did he produce…10 points and 14 boards…my only guess is the Hornets went small ball in the fourth with the warriors only having 7 players dressed for the game

–Hornets @ Chicago on Saturday…Paul vs Rose…let’s get a W on the road to move to 500

-Mr. Kennedy

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