Post-Game Journal Report: Game 23: Hornets @ Mavericks

Published: December 15, 2009

Even though coming back from a 21 point deficit made the game interesting, it was not enough to get the W as the Hornets fall in Dallas. Barea and Terry’s free throws at the end were too much for the Hornets to handle. Hornets fall to 10-13.

Game 23: Hornets 90 @ Mavericks 24

–What hurt the Hornets was falling behind early in the first quarter (18-35) but the Mavs let them come back in the second (25-14). But the Mavs stayed with them in the third and fourth quarters, even though the Hornets outscored the Mavs by a point in each of the third and fourth quarters.

–CP had 20 points (9-22 FG) and 16 assists. Paul got his scoring back on track tonight while chipping in 15+ assists again. Wish I could say the same about the other starters…

–Devin started hot in the first, making 2 threes but only finished with 8 points…Emeka was not a presence tonight, only having 4 points and 5 boards. David West had 11 points and Peja only had 8.

–Posey had 10 off the bench and Darius Songalia had 12 in the fourth quarter alone

–JJ Barea had a season-high 23 points and Dirk only had 10, but scored 4 of the 10 in the final 59 seconds. Kidd had 13 points and 13 assists

–Jason Terry had 12 points off the bench, while Josh Howard had 12 points

–Defense was still a major issue all game, giving up runs of 10-0 and 11-0 to fall behind early. With no defense like that, the Hornets will not win efficiently. And we had momentum to win but did not.

–We should be over 500 dammit. Pistons @ Hornets @ 7PM on Wednesday.

-Mr. Kennedy

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