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Rant at Non-Fans about Tanking, Shameful fans, and more…

Published: November 19, 2009

This rant is going to be all over the place and being written late the night after I got food poisoning, but I’m tired of all the negativity and want to urge people to try to fight this negative nonsense being fed from non-fans such as YoungFella. They want to be vocal about being a bunch of crying losers, let them. But at some point, the real fans have got to want to stand up and tell them to shut the **** up and ask them to please go call themselves fans for a different team.

Tanking? God, YoungFella. You and your “Cry Sites” really are jokes of a fan base. Thank you ticktock for stating the obvious. We blow up the team and no one goes to games because they are all fair weather like YoungFella and Shinn will be talking about moving the team again and will have a good reason to back it up. Furthermore, which true megastar in the NBA has been content with just sitting around while his team gets blown up besides D-Wade (who won a championship ridiculously early in his career)? You think Chris is going to want to sit around on a 25-30 win team? Furthermore, who is to say that it isn’t even remotely possible to turn this season around? The rookies will get better, Okafor and West will get comfortable together, Posey will get back into better shape, and we will have a fresh new system to try to implement. Yeah, it’s alot of “IF”s but, dangit, it’s your team. Man up and stop crying and root for them! The fact that everyone spends all their time being negative is a complete and utter sham. Byron Scott gets canned and EVERY major media outlet defends him. WHY? The man clearly had lost control of this team. All you people do is spread negative feeling, and, again, WHY? What do you hope to be accomplished besides spreading poison to an already shaky fanbase? You are doing nothing but being an unproductive bunch of brats that don’t support this team or this city. Trust me, no one who really cares about either wants to hear your nonsense day in and day out. How in the WORLD could you not want your team to WIN in front of 15000 strong every night if you are a fan? Literally, it’s a joke and it’s downright annoying and frustrating and 247 may get pissed off at me for calling some of you losers out but you need to hear it!

Man Up Nola!


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