Post-Game Journal Report: Game 12: Clippers @ Hornets

Published: November 18, 2009

Hello all. My apologies for not doing a post-game report for the Hawks game. I actually only saw the first half then had to leave but I heard the Hornets fell apart in the fourth. So I will try not to miss another report but it’s not like I get a lot of comments on these things in the first place…I KEED, I KEED. So here goes: Hornets get a W tonight but it’s the Clippers. The Hornets looked in sync tonight…but it’s the Clippers. My point exactly…

Game 12: Clippers 102 @ Hornets 110

–Game was closer tonight than their first meeting. Hornets let the Clippers rally back somewhat after some threes by Steve Novak, which I then yelled at the TV, “Don’t leave him open…who is this jobber player anyway????”

–Darren Collison looked sharp tonight, with 12 points on 6-11 shooting, hitting some nice mid-range jumpers. David West looked like the All-Star David West, 24 points and 10 boards on 9-14 shooting. West was on target with his jumper tonight. Emeka had only 7 points but pulled down 14 rebounds. I really hope he can become a consistent threat.

–Horrid shooting from Devin and Peja: Devin had 16 but on 4-10 shooting and Peja had 15 but on 3-10 shooting.

–Marcus Thornton provided an instant spark off the bench with 12 points. Bobby Brown actually shot the ball well with 12 points on 4-8 shooting.

–I believe the Clippers will go on a roll once Griffin and Gordon come back from injury because Al Thornton had a game-high 30 points on 12-17 shooting, Kaman had 17, Butler had 12, and Baron Davis (wait…didn’t he play for us a while back…) had 23 points and 9 assists. Clippers have the talent…they just need to be consistent.

–Steve Novak hit 2 3-pointers in a row in the third, finished with 10 points…again, who is this jobber player?????????

–Hornets looked sharp tonight….but it was the Clippers. I hope the team shows up Thursday night against the hot Phoenix Suns. Game @ 7 on TNT.

-Mr. Kennedy

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