Post-Game Journal Report: Game 10: Blazers @ Hornets

Published: November 15, 2009

My apologies if this one is a little late…after coming home from the game last night, I wasn’t in a mood to write a post-game report. But now after 2 days have passed since the firing of Coach Byron Scott, here’s my take:

–When I first heard Coach Scott was fired, I was in shock as much as the next guy…personally, I did not think it would happen after 9 games, I mean we’re not even into the first full month of the NBA season. I thought it would happen mid-December. Truth to be told, the writing was on the wall after the 58 point loss back in the playoffs last season. I mean, Jeff Bower is not the best decision but he’s what we got right now…with a “you build it, you fix it” mentality. Tim Floyd is an ok hiring, not the best but ok. I just hope Avery Johnson gets hired next season. But first and foremost, Bower has to win over Paul because of Paul’s personal relationship with Scott. Personally, deep down, I think Scott didn’t care because of his lame-duck status and he’s chomping at the bit to coach the Lakers if Phil retires at the end of this season.

Game 10: Blazers 86 @ Hornets 78 – Game 1 of post-Byron Scott era and Coach’s Bower’s debut, never thought I would be saying Coach Bower…

–1st qtr: Very low scoring by both teams; 12-14. Thornton impressed me and Marks with 6 boards.

–2nd qtr: I noticed the rookies took more shots, especially Thornton with 11 points. I didn’t understand the late sub of Emeka for Marks…CP never got his offense going with 1 point in the half.

–3rd qtr: Blazers came out of the gate early…Hornets fell behind quickly…Paul sprained left ankle…I thought we still had a chance to win because we’re only down by 11 at the end of the 3rd

–4th qtr: You could tell the offense was stagnant without CP…Hornets did not come out of the gate early…Tried to rally back late in the 4th because we cut the lead to 6 with about a minute left…Only bright spots were Thornton with 20 and Collison with 18…West had a double-double with 15 and 10 boards

-I saw some bright spots (Thornton, Collison, West hustling) but with Paul out at least 2 weeks, the whole team has to pick up the slack starting with the Hawks @ 6…

–Mr. Kennedy

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