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Post-Game Journal Report: Game 9: Hornets @ Suns

Published: November 12, 2009

“You need to keep up scoring with this team or this game will be over quick”…Gerry V said something along those lines in the first quarter and he was very right. The Suns use a 40 point first quarter to trample over the Hornets. The Suns were just too quick and the Hornets never caught up throughout the whole game. It was even more embarrassing at the Hornets lost on ESPN.

Game 9: Hornets 104 @ Suns 124

–This game was pretty much over in the first quarter as the Suns score 40 to the Hornets 29. And the Hornets trailed by 19 at the half as Phoenix scores 75 by half.

–Chris Paul tried helping on all ends, scoring threes when needed and finished with 25 points (9-16 FG and 4-7 from 3PT). Devin Brown was held to 8 points on 3-12 shooting. Emeka had 13 and West had 10. Peja was held scoreless going 0-8. Horrible offense from the starters, excluding Paul.

–The Suns just have more weapons on the starting lineup and on the bench. All starters scored 12+ points and 3 bench players scored 10+ as opposed to only 2 Hornets bench players scoring in double figures.

–This team is now 3-6 and really not seeming to gel after 9 games. I am really getting scared about this team’s chances of competing this season…

–Friday back at home against Portland…I’ll be attending the game so I’ll have more live observations in my post-game report…

-Mr. Kennedy

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