Hornets coming together – hard/but can do

Published: November 6, 2009

I like all I’ve read on the Hornets247.com blog and after watching the Mavericks game I came away wanting to say something!

Chris is Chris.  He’s everything we expected him to be, we just expected the same back up he had before.  Unfortunately, he has to wrestle with a different set of backups.  No, Byron Scott says they’re players…they’re not a team.” Until they get that – – there will be no Hornets Team.

But they have to listen.  They have to listen to the voice of experience. 

1) Byron Scott…makes sense…he’s the coach.  They say he’s a lame duck coach.  …So….what!….He’s deep into their heads.  They know what he’s talking about.  There may be different people there but they are the rookies.  They’d have to learn new stuff no matter who they had to play with.  And there are new Pros.  Pros are supposed to read a playbook, know what it means and not have a glassy-eyed  response to reading whats on those papers.  Other players in the past have done it.

    If Byron Scott, it has been decided, has to leave, what do they expect them to gain by his parting?  There will be a new coach..with maybe no chemistry at all with these players.  Therefore there will be more moving around of the players, new positions, new nomenclature, a new playbook nobody can figure out and we’ll all be back to square one the first year with Byron Scott.   A few of our players will know whats going on but the rest are all at 6’s and 7’s

How long do you think this confusion will last and how many games do we have to waste just to try getting them on the same page.

2)  Emeka Okafor is “getting it”, he’s doing things right.  Julian Wright, is trying….and getting better. 

3)  Peja I like coming off the bench.  He sometimes hits them all…sometimes just one….but hit’s the pivotal shot and turns the game around.  Never count him out! 

4) Bobby Brown has been  improving, Songaila, ditto.  Armstrong and Posey are a disappointment but could flower at the least suspected moments.  Sean Marks…who knows?  We haven’t seen him…but he hustles!  Ike Diogu promises to be a good selection when the time comes. 

5)  Mo Peterson, who I was ready to write off the team showed flourishes of his old form against Dallas.  If that stays…I think we’ll jell the way basketball players are supposed to.  And we’ll have another great year.  We sure deserve it.  Devin Brown has disappointed, too.  They both need to pick it up!

6)  And with CP3 so passionatly wanting to win and just as passionately NOT wanting to lose…if he can get them on the same wavelength and the same degree of passion, he’ll soon be leading them like Santa’s sleigh charging from the North Pole to all stations NBA.

Collison and Thorton… I’m not surprised that they aren’t getting the minutes.  Scott has to see how good the pros are…if they’re not good on offense AND defense… then maybe if they’ve been seriously studying more and can show him he’ll give them their minutes.  If not the Hornets can just have more of what they’ve had  Which isn’t encouraging now.

I will say I’ve been encouraged by Chris Paul, Emeka Okofor, West, Peja. Bobby…he listens.

Let’s pray for the Miracle Byron Scott mentioned.  We can stand one every time.

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